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func_train is a brush entity available in all GoldSrc GoldSrc games. This entity creates an object that can move between multiple path_corners.

Key Values

Name (targetname) <targetname>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.

Global Entity Name <string>
Name to identify entity accross level transitions. Entities with the same global name will have the same status accross maps.

First stop target (target) <targetname>
The name of the path_corner that the func_train should start at. If not set, the func_train will be at (0 0 0).
Speed (units per second) (speed) <integer>
The speed the func_train will move at in units/second.
Angular Veocity (y z x) (avelocity) <string>
Sets up axial rotation. Format: Y Z X.
Damage on crush (dmg) <integer>
If the player is caught between the func_train and a solid brush, this is the amount of damage he will sustain.
Contents (skin) <integer>
Sound Volume 0.0 - 1.0 (volume) <string>
0 quiet, 1.0 loud
Minimum light level (_minlight) <string>
The minimum light level the train will have, even if its initial position in the editor is in a purely dark room. This is a very aggressive value, so even a value of 0.02 will make the train relatively bright.
Move Sound (movesnd) <choices>
# Description
0 No Sound
1 big elev 1
2 big elev 2
3 tech elev 1
4 tech elev 2
5 tech elev 3
6 freight elev 1
7 freight elev 2
8 heavy elev
9 rack elev
10 rail elev
11 squeek elev
12 odd elev 1
13 odd elev 2
Stop Sound (stopsnd) <choices>
# Description
0 No Sound
1 big elev stop1
2 big elev stop2
3 freight elev stop
4 heavy elev stop
5 rack stop
6 rail stop
7 squeek stop
8 quick stop
Render FX (renderfx) <choices>
Render FX mode to use, for special effects.
Value Description
0 Normal
1 Slow Pulse
2 Fast Pulse
3 Slow Wide Pulse
4 Fast Wide Pulse
5 Slow Fade Away
6 Fast Fade Away
7 Slow Become Solid
8 Fast Become Solid
9 Slow Strobe
10 Fast Strobe
11 Faster Strobe
12 Slow Flicker
13 Fast Flicker
14 Constant Glow
15 Distort
16 Hologram (Distort + fade)
Render Mode (rendermode) <choices>
Render Mode to use.
Value Description
0 Normal
1 Color
2 Texture
3 Glow
4 Solid
5 Additive
FX Amount (1-255) (renderamt) <integer>
Controls transparency when using another render mode then normal. 0 is completely invisible, and 255 is opaque.
FX Color (R G B) (rendercolor) <color255>
Color to use by the specified render mode.
Also used to control the speed of scrolling textures; see func_conveyor for more information.

ZHLT Lightflags <choices>
Special lighting behavior. Only available if using Zoner's Half-Life Compile Tools.
  • 0 : "Default"
  • 1 : "Embedded Fix"
  • 2 : "Opaque (blocks light)"
  • 3 : "Opaque + Embedded fix"
  • 6 : "Opaque + Concave Fix"
Light Origin Target <string>
Used to define a target to sample lighting from.


  •  [8] : Not solid
       Makes train non-solid.