Day of Defeat: Source Level Creation

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<Day of Defeat: Source> This article focuses on Day of Defeat: Source level design. For general mapping tutorials, see Category:Level Design.





A Day of Defeat: Source map consists of these basic elements:

A series of cap zones, denoted by flags
Cap zones should be carefully balanced to avoid one of the teams having an unfair advantage.
Distinct spawn areas for both teams
Multiple exits
Preferably no way to get into them from outside
A map with well-defined pathways and areas
Every point in the map should be approachable from at least two directions
Large chokepoints should be used sparingly
A mini-map
Displays the map from an overhead perspective
Should use distinct colours (e.g. the official maps' parchment style), so as not to blend in with the main first person view.

With the above in mind you should be able to create maps that function correctly. This article will cover each area in-depth if you need help.