Bullet Penetration in Day of Defeat: Source

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Similar to Bullet Penetration in Counter-Strike: Source, this article aims to answer all the questions map makers might have about bullet penetration in Day of Defeat: Source.

A screenshot from hammer with the bulletdev map loaded.


The way this test was set up was to create a map with 80 walls, each 1 unit bigger than the last. The tester then went through and found out which exact wall size stopped a bullet from the variable gun.

The characteristics are listed below. The values represent the thickness of the wall that stops the bullet.


Glass (Y) Wood (W) Metal (M) Concrete/Default ([C]) Flesh (F)
Mp40 23 6 3 6 32
Thompson 22 6 3 6 29
Mp44 27 8 4 8 40
Bar 46 13 7 13 67
K98 80+ 23 11 23 80
Garand 55 15 8 15 73
K98 Scoped 80 30 15 30 80
Springfield 80 30 15 30 80
Mg42 71 20 10 20 80
30cal 71 20 10 20 80
C96 22 6 3 6 29
Carbine 21 6 3 6 29

On an interesting side note, when the tester got to a wall that would stop his bullet, he could still make bullet holes on the breakable surface he put right behind it. This means that if you were shooting at someone partly through a wall and you saw blood on them, theres a chance you did no damage whatsoever, because you were shooting through a wall that was exactly the same size of the penetration limit for your gun.

As you can see from the data, most objects have very little penetration to them. Even wood, which should be at least half as penetrable as glass.

Dependence on external files

The penetration values for certain materials can be changed. In the weapon files there is a property called "Penetration". It does absolutely nothing!

One way to change the penetration value of a material is to change the material type in surefaceproperties.txt.

Another way is to increase the damage done by the guns. For example, in regular DoD:S the Garand does 80 damage, but when bumped up to 120 the Garand was stopped at 65 units rather than 55.