Creating Player Spawns in Day of Defeat Source

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Note.pngNote:For a wider list of games go to this page Creating Spawns

Creating spawns

Spawns are simply locations where players appear when the round first starts or after they die. There are two entities involved:

It's usually best to place a team's spawn points in a single location, or at the very least sizable groups. Please make sure you have at least 16 spawn points per team and are widely spaced to ensure that there is no telefragging. The only reason why these entities would be used alone is for testing purposes; without any objective entities, the map serves no purpose.

These entities are what it takes for the map to be recognized as a Day of Defeat map. For the map to operate, with objectives, there is a wide variety possible. Make sure that the spawn points are facing a useful direction (you will see a graphical representation in Hammer to help with this), so that the players will be able to orient themselves quickly, and never place them in view of a location that an enemy player can access.

Lastly, always ensure that there are multiple exits from spawn, but no entrances. Doing both of these will help combat spawn camping: it is nearly impossible for an abusive player to cover five or more exits at once if they can't get past them.