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Day of Defeat: Source Level Creation

Here is a list of 34 soundscapes for use in Day of Defeat: Source. An easy way of testing them is to use the playsoundscape console command, which includes limited searching for soundscape names so you shouldn't have to print out a copy of this list for reference.

Soundscapes with 'util' in the name are intended for inclusion in other, full soundscapes. While they should work without problems in-game, they generally aren't nearly as varied or deep as the resulting composites. Others have positional sounds which will be played at certain locations specified in the env_soundscape entity's properties. If these locations are not given, the sounds will not be heard.

A preview video of these soundscapes can be found here.


Name Description Position Number Position Description
Anzio.Pond Gentle water lapping with random critter sounds and flies.
Anzio.MainAmbient Continues distant urban battle ambient with wind.
Anzio.Sewers Enclosed underground windy tunnel atmosphere, dripping water and pipes rarely releasing steam.


Name Description Position Number Position Description
Argentan.MainAmbient Quiet outdoor wind, rotaing windmill blades and metal creaking. 0 Rotating windmill blades.
1 Occasionally creaking metal.
Argentan.Windmill Utility soundscape. Continoues heavy / loud rotating windmill blades.
Argentan.BlownStation Utility soundscape. Infrequent metal creaking and tearing.
Argentan.Indoors Generic indoor ambient.


Name Description Position Number Position Description
Avalanche.Outdoors Urban area wind, lots of distant battle and not so often aircraft passing overhead.
Avalanche.Indoors Identical to Argentan.Indoors


Name Description Position Number Position Description
colmar.outside Heavy outdoor winter wind, wind snippets and gusts, very distant battle andsometimes tank movement.
colmar.inside Identical to Argentan.Indoors


Name Description Position Number Position Description
Donner.MainAmbient Rustling wind with rare loud thunder, the sound of an incoming storm.
Donner.AlliedSpawnAmbient Identical to above.
Donner.AxisSpawnAmbient Identical to Donner.MainAmbient


Name Description Position Number Position Description
Flash.Street Light wind, wind snippets, often birds chirping and distant combat sounds.
Flash.Field Similar to above but with occational tank movement sounds.
Flash.Indoors Identical to Argentan.Indoors


Name Description Position Number Position Description
Jagd.MainAmbient Loud urban wind, wind snippets, distant battle and sometimes tanks moving,
Jagd.Inside Identical to Argentan.Indoors


Name Description Position Number Position Description
kalt.canal Gentle running river water, lots of distant battle and light wind.
axis.outside Heavy rustling wind, wind snippets, distant battle and an idle vehicle motor nearby. 0 Idle kübelwagon motor.
allied.outside Similar to above but another type of motor sounds. 0 Idle halftrack motor.
axis.inside Identical to Argentan.Indoors
allied.inside Identical to Argentan.Indoors
allied.sewer Almost identical to Argentan.Indoors but with heavier underground wind.
axis.sewer Identical to above.
wheelhouse.inside Generic indoor ambience with rare wood creaking. 0 Often wood creaks from a river wheel.
axis.spawn Utility soundscape. Idle kübelwagon motor sounds.
allied.spawn Utility soundscape. Idle halftrack motor sounds.
wheelhouse.wheel Utility soundscape. Often wood creaking.


Name Description Position Number Position Description
Salerno.Town Very light wind, distant combat sounds and from time to time tanks moving about.
Salerno.Beach Water waves breaking shore, light wind and very distant battle.
Salerno.Inside Generic calm indoor ambience with distant outdoor battle and wood creaking.
Salerno.Boathouse Gentle water sounds, distant combat, plus random sounds of flies, rats and wood creaking.
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