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Portal Level Creation


Portal This tutorial will show you how to create the Portal radios that usually play the fast instrumental version of the Still Alive song.

Note.png Note:  The radios here will show you how to create the radios from the pre-2010 patch for Portal, some of these radios can still be seen in Portal's vmf files and even in test chamber 16's advanced version. You will have to be creative if you want to create your own proximity radios with the glow sprite.


  1. Create a prop_physics_override entity and set its World Model keyvalue to models/props/radio_reference.mdl. Place it where you want in your map.
  2. Name the radio radio_1.
  3. Create an ambient_generic entity and place it near the radio. Name it radio_sound_1.
  4. Make the radio_sound_1's Sound Name Portal.room1_Radio. Make its Source Entity Name radio_1.
  5. Make sure none of radio_sound_1's flags are checked.

The radio is now complete!

If you are using fizzler on your map, then:

  1. Create an ambient_generic entity and place it inside the fizzler. Name it radio_sound_fizzle
  2. Make the radio_sound_fizzle's Sound Name UpdateItem.Fizzle.
  3. Create a filter_activator_name. Name it radio_filter. Set Filter Name to radio_1.
  4. Create a trigger_once with the same size and same position as the trigger_portal_cleanser, set the filter to radio_filter and set the following outputs:
Output named Target entities Via this input Parameter Delay
Io11.png OnStartTouch radio_sound_1 StopSound 0.00
Io11.png OnStartTouch radio_sound_fizzle PlaySound 0.00