Creating a portal/object fizzler

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Portal Level Creation

Creating a Portal 1 Fizzler

This wall of particles destroys any objects that come in contact with it and closes any portals that have been opened by the player.

Warning.png Warning: If a player dies inside this entity, even if they are filtered out of it, the game will crash!

Step 1

First thing is first, due to the sheer size of the fizzler you might need to create an appropriate sized doorway to construct the fizzler in. However there are about three known particle effects that exist for this effect. Those three effects are:

  • portal_cleanser - The normal sized fizzler effect, however it is the only known one that exists.
  • Cleanser_edge_1 - A larger more messy effect, that is used for larger fizzlers, mainly this effect is only to be used at the fizzler's source.

Step 2

The first thing that needs to be created is the doorway that will act as the fizzler holder. You can also use a prop for this effect as well, however for the purpose of this tutorial a model will be used.

Note.png Note: You can make a fizzler any size you want for your map, it will just require more info_particle_system entities.

The available props for this is:

  • models/props/portal_cleanser_1.mdl

To use as a base we need to create a trigger_portal_cleanser, which in size should be 124x128. Note that this is the base size for a normal sized fizzler. Also the trigger should be just about 2 Units thick.

Go ahead and name it if you want, that way you can keep track of how many you might have.

Note.png Note: Don't forget to check "flags" to make sure Clients and Everything are selected. However if you don't want it to emancipate objects that pass through it, un-check Everything.

Step 3

Next is to make a prop_static with the world model of: models/props/portal_cleanser_1.mdl. Go ahead and clone it (Shift+Drag) and rotate the cloned prop to make it appears as in the picture above.

You are free to line up everything you have so far directly in a straight line, or you can change it to your liking.

Now there is one last thing to be done.

Step 4

The last thing to put in is a info_particle_system entity, with the particle system name Property set to: portal_cleanser. Last to do is to make sure it aligns with your trigger right directly in the center of the brush itself.

Make sure to also have the particle effect start active.


And thats it, now you're all done! Compile with vvis and vrad enabled and anything that walks through the fizzler should now automatically be fizzled. Good Luck.

Special Note

If you have a box dropper that you want to spawn a new box if the player destroys hers in a fizzler, you can use the output OnDissolveBox, but only if your box prop_physics has the world model "models/props/metal_box.mdl" and/or is named box.

Note.png Note:  This needs to be tested.

Since this can be limiting in certain conditions, the alternate solution is to make 2 trigger_portal_cleanser brushes, 1 unit thick right next to each other and use the output OnDissolve rather than OnDissolveBox. Create 2 filters, one that accepts the box name(s) you want, and one that rejects the box names you want. Apply one filter to one of your trigger_portal_cleanser, and the other filter to your other trigger_portal_cleanser. In this manner, one trigger_portal_cleanser will only handle you boxes dissolve, and the other will handle other physics objects, and portal fizzling.


Warning.png Warning: NEVER enable Flag "Everything" on a trigger_portal_cleanser, especially if using a dynamic fizzler, else your Models WILL get emancipated!

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