Creating Portal Vacuum Tubes

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Portal Behind The Scenes Level Creation


This guide will teach you how to create Vacuum Tubes.

Warning.png Warning:  This page is incomplete, it's recommended that you don't follow the guide until it's finished

Setting Up

Put prop_static entities. Set their model to these:

  • Straight Tube - clear_tube_straight.mdl
  • Mutli-Directional Tube - clear_tube_tjoint.mdl
  • Broken Tube - clear_tube_broken.mdl
  • 90 Degree Tubes - clear_tube_90deg.mdl

Enter the following properties:

Property Name Value
Collisions Not Solid
Note.png Note: Disabling Shadows on some of the tubes might be useful.

Simple Collisions

Put brushes around the tubes with the invisible texture. Turn all of these brushes to a func_detail. Each brush should be 24 units in Width.


To do: Finish the rest of the guide.

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