Creating Portal Speakers

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Portal Behind The Scenes Level Creation


This tutorial will teach you how to create speakers.

First, complete this guide Making GLaDOS speak

The Speaker

Create a prop_static entity and set it's world model to models/props/speaker_system01/speaker_system01.mdl

If the speaker is inside an Observation Hallway set it's skin to 0. If the speaker is the the maintenance areas, make it skin 1.

Create an info_target entity and name it to glados_speaker1. Put this info_target in the center of the speaker part of the model.

Create an env_microphone entity inside of the nodraw box of the GLaDOS' generic_actor area. Enter the following properties:

Property Name Value
Name glados_microphone_speaker01
Start Disabled Yes
Speaker target glados_speaker1

See Also


The voice lines used in the BTS areas in Portal were modified to have a "speaker" effect. This is what we got in the Retail:

Retail Voice Line

This is what we saw in the Beta:

Beta Voice Line

It is not known what filter they used, they probably used High Pass. If anyone knows what they precisely did to make this speaker voice, please add it here.