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Visual Studio 2010 is the best choice for Source. You can use the free C++ Express edition.

Bug.png Bug: Converting the Alien Swarm server project to VS2010 will lead to an "invalid characters in path" error. To fix it, open game\server\swarm_sdk_server.vcproj with a text editor and delete "' $File" from line 2232.


  1. Follow the instructions for fixing debug compiles in VS2008, which apply here as well.
  2. Right click on the client and server projects in VS and go to Properties > Configuration Properties > General. Change Target Name to client and server respectively.

File Copying

There is a bug in VS 2010 which will sometimes prevent your newly-compiled DLLs from being copied to your mod directory. To fix it, right-click on the client and server projects in VS and select Properties. Change the Configuration drop-down menu at the top to All Configurations. Then, go to Configuration Properties > Custom Build Step and in the Additional Dependencies field, type in $(TargetPath).

IsBIK error

First, save ibik.h to src/public/avi/ibik.h. Then in src/game/client/enginesprite.h, add to the include list:

#include "avi/ibik.h"

Next, add the highlighted lines towards the bottom:

bool IsAVI();
bool IsBIK();
void GetTexCoordRange( float *pMinU, float *pMinV, float *pMaxU, float *pMaxV );
AVIMaterial_t m_hAVIMaterial;
BIKMaterial_t m_hBIKMaterial;

Now open spritemodel.cpp (located in the same directory) and add the following:

bool CEngineSprite::IsBIK()
	return ( m_hBIKMaterial != BIKMATERIAL_INVALID );

Fixing Other Compiling Errors

Error LNK2005: ... already defined in memoverride.obj
See Compiling under VS2008#Fix debug compilation.
Linker Errors relating to LIBC, LIBCMT, LIBCD, LIBCMTD
Go to the client project's Properties->Linker->Input->Ignore Specific Default Libraries and enter libc;libcmtd;libcd;. Navigate to the same place in the server project properties and enter libcd;libcmtd;.
Cannot locate "gl/glaux.h" (glview only)
Remove the line #include <gl/glaux.h> from glview.cpp (can be found in src/utils/glview). Then right-click on the project and go to Properties->Configuration Properties->Linker->Input and under Additional Dependencies remove glaux.lib.
Warning MSB8012: TargetPath does not match the Linker's OutputFile property ...
Go to Properties->Configuration Properties->General. Change the values in Output Directory, Intermediate Directory, Target Name, and Target Extension to match the Linker's OutputFile property value given in the error message.
fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'weapon_sdkbase.h': No such file or directory
See Source SDK missing files#weapon_sdkbase

Precompiled Headers

If you want to remove the "precompiled header" warnings seen during a full compile, open these files in your client project and move #include "cbase.h" up to the first line:

  1. hud_locator.cpp
  2. hud_credits.cpp
  3. hud_flashlight.cpp

First-chance exception at 0x00000000

If Client compiles but Server does not, and you have set your mod up for debugging, hl2.exe will crash with extremely ambiguous information. To prevent the game from running if Server does not successfully compile, right click the client project file and select Project Dependencies. Check the checkbox for Server and then click OK.

Compiling Under Linux

VS 2010 introduces a new project file format (.vcxproj) which is not compatible with the SDK's VprojToMake tool. A third-party update adding support is available.

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