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This is an adaption of the original VProjToMake from Valve to support Visual Studio 2010's new project file format (.vcxproj). In doing this, I also threw out the ridiculously overkilled use of the COM XML Parser for Win32 and Xerces for Linux. In its place, TinyXML, which requires absolutely no external libraries, and is infinitely easier to read code wise.

This program is fully backwards compatible with the old .vcproj format as well so EVERYONE should and can use this in their Linux building solution for their mod.

TinyXML 2.6.0


Killer Monkey


  1. Unzip the included files/folders into the base code directory for Valve's SDK
  2. [OPTIONAL] Convert your project into Visual Studio 2010 format (suggest use v90 compiler)
  3. Head over to your linux compilation solution
  4. Change 'makefile' in linux_sdk folder to use the new 2010 project (.vcxproj extension)
  5. Run 'make clean' then 'make' from the linux_sdk folder as usual

Latest Download


SVN is also available for checkout: http://code.google.com/p/vcprojtomake2010/source/checkout