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Using Visual Studio 2012 is possible for Source. However it is not possible to use Visual Studio 2012 with the Source 2013 code base. You can use the free C++ Express edition for the 2007 code base and below.

Bug.png Bug: Converting the Alien Swarm server project to VS2012 will lead to an "invalid characters in path" error. To fix it, open game\server\swarm_sdk_server.vcproj with a text editor and delete "' $File" from line 2232.
Bug.png Bug: Compiling the 2013 code base with any version of VS2012 is not possible at this time. You can, however, use the VS2012 interface with the VS2010 compiler.
  • With the default VS2012 settings, linking some projects will fail with "Error lnk2026: module unsafe for safeseh image". This seems to happen when you try to link to libraries that were compiled with different versions of the compiler. As a workaround, set the linker option /SAFESEH[:NO] .

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