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$collisiontext defines a breakable model's custom gibs. (Generic gibs are defined by $keyvalues > prop_data > breakable_model).

Tip.png Tip: Use $autocenter when compiling custom gibs to fix potential lighting oddities.


	break { model	mycustomgib1	health 25	fadetime 0 }
	break { ragdoll	mycustomgib2	health 10	fadetime 30	debris 1	burst 50 }
	break { model	mycustomgib3	health 10	fadetime 30	fademindist 20	fademaxdist 30 }
	break { model	mycustomgib4	health 10	fadetime 20	offset -2 3.68 12.4 }


model <path\name>
ragdoll <path\name>
The (compiled) model to spawn.
offset <coordinates>
Offsets the current gib. Values are in units.
health <int>
Overrides the model's own health value "This sometimes has to be placed in the $keyvalues line."
fadetime <int|seconds>
Time before gibs start to fade away. They are removed once the fade is complete.
To do: Is there any way to specify how long the fade should last?
fademindist <int|units>
fademaxdist <int|units>
Distance from the camera at which to start and end temporary fading out of the gib.
debris <bool>
Prevents the gib model from colliding with dynamic objects when made true. Strongly recommended for anything small.
burst <int>
Adds force to the gib, pushing it outward when the parent model breaks.
Bug.png Bug: Doesn't seem to work with small gibs, even at very large values.
To do: What units are in use here? Hypothetically this can be found out by using the parameter on a model and measuring how long a gib takes to go from it's spawning position to a point B. It's probably hammer units per second, though.
placementbone <bone>
placementattachment <attachment>
To do: Compared to $autocenter's "placementOrigin" ?
motiondisabled <bool>
Disables motion of gib if true.

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