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I found that Health needs to go in $keyvalues. 0 makes it invulnerable, which I recommend as a value for custom gibs, 1-100 for breakables (depending on how many hits it should take to break).

  $keyvalues { "prop_data" { "base" "Wooden.Small" "health" "0" } }

--Rayne 10:52, 23 May 2008 (PDT)

To do: Is propdata required when using $collisiontext?

Answer: Propdata is NOT required when using $collisiontext.


Source 2013 MP ignores 'debris' flag?

Can somebody confirm it? I tried model with "debris 0" in HL2DM and 2013 base - gibs are not collide with player or prop and can be destroyed only with explosive/melee. In 2007 base gibs collide with everything except each other. --Gazyi