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$appendsource is used to add a new reference mesh to a model with a specified position, rotation, and scale. It is used extensively with VBSP's static prop combine functionality. It is available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Icon-Bug.pngBug:Without a $body or $model command, the model will fail to compile!


$appendsource <reference mesh> "offset pos[ <float> <float> <float> ] angle[ <float> <float> <float> ] scale[ <float> ]"
Note.pngNote:The scale value is independent of $scale.
Note.pngNote:Using an extension in the reference mesh is optional. It will first try looking for an SMD, then a DMX, and then finally a FBX, regardless of what the specified extension is!
Note.pngNote:The syntax of the transformations must be exactly as above - even the spaces must be identical!
Icon-Bug.pngBug:When using $appendsource on a model using different or extra materials than the $body/$model, it will use the $body/$model's materials!


$modelname props/threebarrels.mdl
$scale 6.500
$body body "old_barrel"
$appendsource "old_barrel" "offset pos[ -29.564 12.246 0.000 ] angle[ -0.000 -22.500 0.000 ] scale[ 6.500 ]"
$appendsource "old_barrel.dmx" "offset pos[ -12.246 -29.564 0.000 ] angle[ -0.000 -22.500 0.000 ] scale[ 6.500 ]"
$sequence "idle" "old_barrel" 

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