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is a QC command available in all Source Source games.

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It is used to add a reference mesh to a model. Without at least one $body the model will be invisible (exception: models with facial animation use $model instead).

Note.pngNote:All $body meshes will display simultaneously. Toggleable reference meshes can be handled with a $bodygroup.
Tip.pngTip:The order in which $body meshes are defined in the QC determines the order in which the meshes are rendered. This can be used to prevent z-fighting on transclucent decals or overlays.


$body	<name> <reference mesh SMD> [reverse] [scale <int>]


$modelname		"weapons/shell.mdl"
$cdmaterials		"models/weapons/"
$body		shell	"shell_ref.smd"
$sequence	idle	"shell_idle.smd"

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