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Valve South, founded as Turtle Rock Studios in March 2002 by Michael Booth, is an independent game developer in the business of creating original entertainment titles and providing consulting services to the digital entertainment industry.

The studio works in collaboration with Valve, producing titles such as Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike (Xbox), as well as several maps for Counter-Strike: Source.

Turtle Rock Studios announced on March 16, 2006 they would be working with VALVe on a "Source project", later to be named Left 4 Dead, which would be utilizing Valve's Source Engine and Steam. Press release.

On January 10th, 2008, Turtle Rock was acquired by Valve and renamed as Valve South. You can read the Press Release here.


Year Product Name
2008 Left 4 Dead
2004 - 2021 Counter-Strike: Source
2004 Counter-Strike: Xbox
2004 Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Counter-Strike: Source Maps

Year Map
2006 cs_militia
2005 de_nuke
2005 de_inferno
2005 de_train
2005 de_prodigy
2005 de_tides
2004 cs_office

Counter-Strike: Source Bot

Turtle Rock Studios is responsible for the artificial intelligence behind the Counter-Strike: Source Bot.

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