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This is a massive project currently underway with multiple goals in mind:

  1. Ensure that ALL entity keyvalues, inputs, and outputs get documented. To do this, we are searching through datamaps and code, for all the major titles covered on the wiki. We currently only have (to be polished) keyvalue templates for CBaseEntity and CBaseAnimating, but we've already encountered and documented obscure yet useful KV's that have never been individually noted online. (Yes, the entire internet.)
  2. Improve the current templates used by entity articles so that pages display less information that does not apply to them, less clutter. This is a more complex, but easier job. Most of the work for this is summarized here.
  3. Switch from FGD BaseClasses to the engine's C++ classes as the basis for K/I/O templates. All entity pages will be more comprehensive and accurate in regards to abilities and uses.

We are not focusing on flags as much, because documentation on them is already mostly perfect (it's pretty hard to gloss over them).


Proof of our work so far.

Currently, keyvalue templates are being formed.


Without these people, this would not be possible.