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This template is our holder for all keyvalues that are assigned through CAI_BaseNPC.

Add |addeq=[text here] to (optionally) write a custom description for the Weapon Held keyvalue.

Note.png Note: Some CBaseEntity keyvalues are listed here for practical reasons.


Weapon Held (additionalequipment) <classname>
Gives the NPC a weapon. NPCs may attack oddly or not attack if they don't know how to use a particular weapon.
Health (health) <integer>
How close to death the NPC is.
Maximum Health (max_health) <integer>
Health cannot exceed this amount.
Squad Name (squadname) <string>
NPCs that are in the same squad will share information about enemies, and will take turns attacking and covering each other.
Target Path Corner (target) <targetname>
If set, the name of a path_corner entity that this NPC will move to, after spawning. Must be within 576 units from the NPC.
Sleep State (sleepstate) <choices>
Holds the NPC in stasis until specified condition. See also Wake Radius and Wake Squad.
  • 0: None
  • 1: Waiting for threat
  • 2: Waiting for PVS
  • 3: Waiting for input, ignore PVS
  • 4: Auto PVS
  • 5: Auto PVS after PVS
To do: clarify the differences between each
Wake Radius (wakeradius) <float>
Auto-wake if player is within this distance, in Hammer units.
Wake Squad (wakesquad) <boolean>
If yes, wake all of the NPCs squadmates if the NPC is woken.
Ignore unseen enemies (ignoreunseenenemies) <boolean>
Prefer visible enemies, regardless of distance or relationship priority.
Hint Group (hintgroup) <string>
Hint groups are used by NPCs to restrict their hint-node searching to a subset of the map's hint nodes. Only hint nodes with matching hint group names will be considered by this NPC.
Hint Limit Nav (hintlimiting) <boolean>
If yes, limits NPC to using specified hint group for navigation requests, but does not limit local navigation.
Enemy Filter (enemyfilter) <targetname>
Filter by which to filter potential enemies.
Local Velocity (velocity) <vector> !FGD
Velocity generated by the entity, can cause strange behavior if changed.
Base Velocity (basevelocity) <vector> !FGD
Velocity to start with on spawn.
Angular Velocity (avelocity) <vector> !FGD
Angular velocity to start with on spawn.
Water Level (waterlevel) <character> !FGD
Current water level of the entity, can cause strange behavior if changed.