Underground Elevator

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Underground elevators are seen in the Old Aperture testing areas. They consist of metal beams which serve as a track and the elevator itself which is composed of a frame and two sliding doors.

Underground elevator ingame.


If you want to create a normal elevator, click here : Normal Elevator


1. Create a func_instance and set the VMF filename to "instances/underground/test_dome_entrance_lift_01.vmf"

2. Select the elevator, and you will see an "Edit Instance" button. Click on this, and it will take you to the vmf of the elevator.

3. Create a logic_auto entity and set up the output as follows:

My Output Target Entity Target Input Delay
Io11.png OnMapSpawn entrance_lift_train StartForward 0.00

4. Save this vmf (or if you want to, save it as another name.)

5. Back to your map, create an info_player_start and place it in the lift of the elevator.


Create a func_instance with VMF Filename "instances/underground/test_dome_exit_lift_01.vmf". This is all you need to do.