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<Half-Life> trigger_auto is a point entity available in Half-Life.

Entity description

Automatically fires an input to a specified entity on map spawn. This is the predecessor to logic_auto.


Name <string>
The name of tne entity.
Target <targetname>
Used for navigation and to fire a hardcoded input to an entity.
Global State to Read <string>
Trigger state <choices>
Affects when the entity can fire an input to another entity.
Value Description
0 Off
1 On
2 Toggle


  • 1 : Remove on fire
  • 2 : Gag (No IDLE sounds until angry)
  • 4 : MonsterClip
  • 8 : No wreckage
  • 16 : Prisoner
  • 64 : Start inactive
  • 128 : Wait for script
  • 256 : Pre-disaster (Only for use with monster_scientist -- has no effect on aliens).
  • 512 : Fade corpse
  • 2048 : Not in Deathmatch (some entities don't have this set in their FGD, but it works for all entities if set).