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Delivers the icon and/or a link of the game that has this abbreviation. Can also obtain the game color.

This template is based on {{Software}}.


  • {{{1}}} – Optional: The representation, see the examples below. Can be set to: 1, 2, 3, 3.1, 4, 4.1, col, in, also, only, since, removed, not;
  • {{{nt}}} – Optional: This option allows you to select a custom game and software name if it is specified in the template. 0 is most often a game abbreviation. You can click on "Edit" to view the available game/software names.
  • {{{addtext}}} – Optional: If {{{1}}} is set to in, also, only, since, removed or not, then the value of this parameter is inserted right after the game icon. Useful for multiple game icons.

Parameters exclusive to {{iOS}}, {{Mac}}, and some templates (such as {{Win7}})

  • {{{ver}}} – Optional: Set version number, for the operating systems, probably might works similar to addtext but affects everything, including links to Wikipedia icon Wikipedia article.
  • {{{linkto}}} – Optional: Changes the Wikipedia link, in this template, when you click on the link that have {{{linkto|Classic Mac OS}}} on it, you will read the Wikipedia icon Classic Mac OS article on Wikipedia instead of Wikipedia icon Mac operating systems. If used alongside {{{ver}}}, will add version number to the link aswell.


Some Translations are handled by the {{In text}} Template. Others (such as game title/software title, etc...) will use {{Autolang}}.


Note.pngNote:Some of the examples given may lead to non-existent pages. For more name types, click "Edit" button and look for |name<name type here>=<actual name>.
{{mac}} macOS
{{mac|1}} macOS
{{mac|2}} macOS macOS
{{mac|3}} macOS
{{mac|3.1}} macOS
{{mac|4}} macOS macOS
{{mac|4.1}} macOS macOS
{{mac|4|nt=0}} macOS Mac
{{mac|4|nt=1}} macOS OS X
{{mac|4|nt=osx}} macOS OS X
{{mac|4|nt=macosx}} macOS Mac OS X
{{mac|4|nt=classic1|linkto=classic}} macOS Classic Mac OS
{{mac|4|nt=classic2|linkto=classic}} macOS Classic Mac OS
{{mac|4|nt=OS X|ver=10.9|linkto=osx}} macOS 10.9 OS X 10.9
{{mac|4|ver=Catalina|linkto=macOS}} macOS Catalina macOS Catalina
{{mac|col}} → #FFFFFF
{{mac|in}} (in macOS)
{{mac|only}} (only in macOS)
{{mac|since}} (in all games since macOS)
{{mac|not}} (not in macOS)
{{mac|removed}} (removed since macOS)
{{mac|also|addtext={{csgo}} {{l4d2}}}} (also in macOSCounter-Strike: Global Offensive Left 4 Dead 2)