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This template needs translations.

This template does not contain translations for the most popular languages.
If you are fluent in one of these languages, please help out by translating the text inside this template. This can be done by using the {{Autolang}} template where appropriate.

Also, please make sure that the article tries to comply with the alternate languages guide.

Note.pngNote:If you want to add a missing translation, but the translation has text after the icon, you will most likely need to add additional lines: the first switch is responsible for the selected text type in the {{{type}}} parameter, i.e. "in" (it is written here as #default), "also", "since" etc. The second switch is responsible for the location of the text: #default before the icon, and "1" after the icon. To make it easier, you can see how it's done in "removed". When most of the translations here are done, remove this note!