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Delivers the icon and/or a link of the game that has this abbreviation. Can also obtain the game color.

This template is based on {{Software}}.


  • {{{1}}} – Optional: The representation, see the examples below. Can be set to: 1, 2, 3, 3.1, 4, 4.1, col, in, also, only, since, removed, not;
  • {{{nt}}} – Optional: This option allows you to select a custom game and software name if it is specified in the template. 0 is most often a game abbreviation. You can click on "Edit" to view the available game/software names.
  • {{{addtext}}} – Optional: If {{{1}}} is set to in, also, only, since, removed or not, then the value of this parameter is inserted right after the game icon. Useful for multiple game icons.

Parameters exclusive to {{iOS}}, {{Mac}}, and some templates (such as {{Win7}})

  • {{{ver}}} – Optional: Set version number, for the operating systems, probably might works similar to addtext but affects everything, including links to Wikipedia icon Wikipedia article.
  • {{{linkto}}} – Optional: Changes the Wikipedia link.
    For example in this template, when you click on the link that have {{{linkto|iPadOS}}} on it, you will read the Wikipedia icon iPadOS article on Wikipedia instead of Wikipedia icon iOS. If used alongside {{{ver}}}, will add version number to the link aswell, which, if you click on the link, like Wikipedia icon iOS 17 for example, you will read the Wikipedia icon iOS 17 article.


Some Translations are handled by the {{In text}} Template. Others (such as game title/software title, etc...) will use {{Autolang}}.


Note.pngNote:Some of the examples given may lead to non-existent pages.
{{ios}} iOS
{{ios|1}} iOS
{{ios|2}} iOS iOS
{{ios|3}} iOS
{{ios|3.1}} iOS
{{ios|4}} iOS iOS
{{ios|4.1}} iOS iOS
{{ios|4|nt=0}} iOS iPhone OS
{{ios|4|nt=1}} iOS iPadOS
{{ios|4|nt=ipad}} iOS iPadOS
{{ios|4|nt=iphoneos}} iOS iPhone OS
{{ios|4|nt=iPadOS|linkto=iPadOS}} iOS iPadOS
{{ios|4|ver=17}} iOS 17 iOS 17
{{ios|col}} → #FFFFFF
{{ios|in}} (in iOS)
{{ios|only}} (only in iOS)
{{ios|since}} (in all games since iOS)
{{ios|not}} (not in iOS)
{{ios|removed}} (removed since iOS)
{{ios|also|addtext={{csgo}} {{l4d2}}}} (also in iOSCounter-Strike: Global Offensive Left 4 Dead 2)