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Delivers the icon and/or a link of the game that has this abbreviation. Can also obtain the game color.

This template is based on {{Software}}. Document on how to create the icon templates can be found there.


  • {{{1}}} – Optional: The representation, see the examples below. Can be set to: 1, 2, 3, 3.1, 4, 4.1, col, in, also, only, since, removed, not;
  • {{{nt}}} – Optional: This option allows you to select a custom game and software name if it is specified in the template. 0 is most often a game abbreviation. You can click on "Edit" to view the available game/software names. Support both text and numbers, aswell as spacing between text/numbers.
  • {{{addtext}}} – Optional: If {{{1}}} is set to in, also, only, since, removed or not, then the value of this parameter is inserted right after the game icon. Useful for multiple game icons.


This template now natively supports icons with larger than 16px. The full-res icon (or 32px and higher) will not be sent to client automatically unless the user had a 4K+ or Apple Retina displays, which benefits the most.

For uploading new icons, it is recommended (but not required) that the icon filename should be kept consistent with the template name, followed by the word "icon" (example: File:Hl2 icon.png for {{hl2}}).


Some Translations are handled by the {{In text}} Template. Others (such as game title/software title, etc...) will use {{Autolang}}. {{{suf}}} parameters used for translations have been deprecated, but are currently being used in some pages for many reasons.


Note.pngNote:Some of the examples given may lead to non-existent pages.
{{hammer}} Hammer
{{hammer|1}} Hammer
{{hammer|2}} Hammer Hammer
{{hammer|3}} Hammer
{{hammer|3.1}} Hammer
(Same as above, without links to the article.)
{{hammer|3.2}} Hammer
{{hammer|4}} Hammer Hammer
{{hammer|4.1}} Hammer Hammer
{{hammer|4.2}} Hammer Hammer
{{hammer|4|nt=0}} Hammer Hammer Editor
{{hammer|4|nt=1}} Hammer Valve Hammer Editor
{{hammer|4|nt=2}} Hammer Hammer 4.x
{{hammer|4|nt=3}} Hammer Hammer 4.0
{{hammer|4|nt=4}} Hammer Hammer 4.1
{{hammer|4|nt=Hammer Editor}}
(Custom name using text instead of number, not all template have this however.
This example will only work with Hammer 3.x Hammer 3.x, Hammer Hammer and Hammer 5.x Hammer 5.x.)
Hammer Hammer Editor
(Similar to above, but using abbreviation)
Hammer Valve Hammer Editor
{{hammer|col}} → #6165AD
{{hammer|in}} (in Hammer)
{{hammer|only}} (only in Hammer)
{{hammer|since}} (in all games since Hammer)
{{hammer|not}} (not in Hammer)
{{hammer|removed}} (removed since Hammer)
{{hammer|also|addtext={{csgo}} {{l4d2}}}} (also in HammerCounter-Strike: Global Offensive Left 4 Dead 2)