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This Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike 2 template is used to generate a game mode icon which links directly to the appropriate page of the game mode.

Value for {{{1}}} Result
casual CS:GO/CS2 Casual
competitive, comp CS:GO/CS2 Competitive
wingman CS:GO/CS2 Wingman
weaponsexpert, we Weapons Expert
armsrace, ar CS:GO/CS2 Arms Race
demolition, demo CS:GO/CS2 Demolition
deathmatch, dm CS:GO/CS2 Deathmatch
custom Custom
training, tr CS:GO Training
guardian, gd CS:GO/CS2 Guardian
coopstrike, coop CS:GO/CS2 Custom
skirmish CS:GO/CS2 War Games
dangerzone, dz CS:GO Danger Zone
flyingscoutsman, fs CS:GO/CS2 Flying Scoutsman
retakes CS:GO/CS2 Retakes
Counter-Strike 2 only ▼
trainingday, td Training Day
workshop Workshop


  • {{{1}}} - the name of the game mode. When starting the parameter with a capital letter, the game mode icon is followed by the game mode name, also linking to its page.
    Note.pngNote:There are game modes that have no icon: custom, weaponsexpert. If used in lower case, they show the text (with link) instead.
  • {{{2}}} - optional link text. Has no effect if {{{1}}} starts with a lower case letter.
  • {{{link}}} - the page that the icon (and link text) links to. Set it to nothing (link=) if you just want the icon and no link.
Obsolete-notext.png Deprecated: The {{{suf}}} parameter has been deprecated in favor of automatic translation (via {{Autolang}} template) and strings subpage respectively, to add a new translations, visit the strings subpage instead.


{{csgo mode|competitive}} CS:GO/CS2 Competitive
{{csgo mode|Competitive}} CS:GO/CS2 Competitive Competitive
{{csgo mode|dz|Запретная Зона|suf=:ru}} CS:GO Danger Zone
{{csgo mode|Dz|Запретная Зона|suf=:ru}} CS:GO Danger Zone Запретная Зона
{{csgo mode|casual|link=}} CS:GO/CS2 Casual
{{csgo mode|Casual|link=}} CS:GO/CS2 Casual Casual
{{csgo mode|rubbish}} Error: Unknown gamemode "rubbish", see Template:Csgo mode!

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