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Setup Gates are orange-colored gates that open for the attacking team on Control Point and Payload maps once the setup timer ends.

Create the Props

Door Frame

First, place a prop_static, and set it to props_gameplay/door_grate001_frame.mdl, to size your doorway correctly. Next, create a second prop_static and set it to props_gameplay/door_grate001_floorplate.mdl. Align the floorplate with the bottom of the door frame, and copy it rotate it for the top of the doorway.

Door Grates

  • Create a prop_dynamic and set the model to props_gameplay/door_grate001_top.mdl.
Property Name Description Value
World Model The model of the entity props_gameplay/door_grate_001_top.mdl
Disable Shadows Self Explanatory Yes
Name Self Explanatory grate_prop_top
Collisions Type of collisions for this model Not Solid
  • This is your grate top, align it with the top of the door frame.
  • Copy this model and change the model to props_gameplay/door_grate_001_bottom.mdl and the name to grate_prop_bottom.
  • This is your grate bottom, align it with the bottom of the door frame.
Note.png Note: You can use any of the props_gameplay/door_grate models for your grates. This tutorial uses door_grate001 as an example.

Door Entity Setup

The Func_Door's

  • Create a brush as close to the size of the top grate model as possible. Texture it metal/imetal001b or any other metal texture.
Property Name Description Value
Name Self Explanatory grate_door_top
Render Mode Self Explanatory Dont Render
Disable Receiving Shadows Self Explanatory Yes
Disable Shadows Self Explanatory Yes
Speed Rate at which the door opens 300
Delay Before Reset Set to -1 to stay open -1
Move Direction Direction Door Opens Up
  • Open the Flags tab and uncheck Touch Opens, so that players cannot prematurely open the gates by touching them.
  • Copy this func_door and drag it to cover the bottom grate. Set the name to grate_door_bottom. Change the Move Direction parameter for the new door to Down.

Parenting the Props

  • Set the Parent parameter of the top grate model (grate_prop_top) to grate_door_top.
  • Likewise, parent the bottom grate model to grate_door_bottom.

Timer Setup

This tutorial assumes you know how to set up a team_round_timer correctly.

My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
Io11.png OnSetupFinished grate_door_top Open <none> 0.00 No
Io11.png OnSetupFinished grate_door_bottom Open <none> 0.00 No


You should now have one setup gate that opens at the end of the setup timer.

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