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Sunfire: Intervention Sunfire: Intervention is a singleplayer Half-Life: Source Half-Life: Source modification. It uses Paranoia PARANOIA-based assets and mostly influenced by Condition Zero Deleted Scenes Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.

Sunfire: Intervention is based on Source 2013's engine branch. Therefore, much of the documentation on this wiki pertaining to Source 2013 may also apply to Sunfire: Intervention.


In this mod you are going to fight the wars of 90s and 00s in Russia from different points of view, for example: you will be able to play as russian soldier or as chechen-caucasian militant. This mod will include plenty of chapters, every single one of which is going to have it's own plot and protagonists.



Post-Goldsource is a team of Russian enthusiasts. It consists of two people - Noug4at and Fra3R.

  • Noug4at - Leader, Mapper, Programmer.
  • Fra3R - Leader, Modeller, Designer.

Release information


  • v.0.0par (Paranoia: Source build with minor changes)
  • v0.0d (2023)



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