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Destinations lets you create, share and explore different worlds in VR: photogrammetry scenes, game worlds, or anything else that can be represented by a 3D model.

Creator Resources


  • Get Started - Learn the basics of creating a Destination – from creating a floor and a light to adding models and teleport meshes.
  • Destinations Checklist - Quick checklist to make sure your Destination is ready for the recently added multiplayer support.

Creating 3D Environment Destinations

  • Model Editor - Learn to create, view, and edit models with the Model Editor
  • Materials - Learn how to use the Material Editor to create and edit materials
  • Particles - Learn the basics of creating particles with the Particle Editor
  • Triggers, Animation, and Sound - Recreate the Turret Singers Destination and learn how to use triggers, animations, and sound for your own Destinations.
  • Adding sound - A guide on adding sounds to your Destination.

Creating Photogrammetry Destinations

  • Photogrammetry tips - Background on the photogrammetry process, as well as tips and tricks for a good capture.
  • Regard3D - Regard3D is a free, open-source, multi-platform photogrammetry tool. Page is a brief summary of information from the Regard3D website.
  • Adding sound - A guide on adding sounds to your Destination.


Additional Resources

  • Asset Browser - Overview of the Asset Browser - the hub of Destinations Workshop Tools
  • Using Hammer - Overview of Hammer - Destinations Workshop Tools's level editor
  • Panorama - An overview of using Panorama to create UI

Example Content

Content included in Destinations to help serve as examples of what can be done:

  • English Church - A scene constructed via photogrammetry that has some information about the process we used to create it.
  • Hammer Examples - A template map that can be copied and modified that has examples of some simple things creators can do using Hammer and the other Source 2 tools.
  • Turret Singers - A template map with more examples of using Hammer for triggers, animation and sound.
  • Arcade Toss - A game created in the Destinations Tools with examples of Hammer entity I/O, Lua scripting, and Panorama/Javascript/CSS.
  • Valve Lobby - Visit the Valve office in Bellevue, Washington in Destinations! A photogrammetry scene with information nodes about this lobby space.
  • La Pedrera - A scene constructed using photogrammetry from an architectural landmark in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Tower Bridge - Another photogrammetry scene, this time depicting London's famous Tower Bridge and demonstrating simulated water (an additive, cube-mapped specular plane with a scrolling normal map above an opaque plane with PhotoScan's projected texturing).