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This entity is not in the FGD by default .
It should not be put directly in a map.

prop_weapon_upgrade_exojump is a point entity available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It's one of many new entities added with the CS:GO Danger Zone Danger Zone update.

Warning.pngWarning:Its model models/props_survival/upgrades/exojump.mdl is only precached in CS:GO Danger Zone Danger Zone, so placing this entity in a map and loading it or ent_createing this entity in any other game mode crashes the game.

Entity Description

When +used for 1 second, it gives the !activator an ExoJump, unless they have one already.

This is one of the entities that can spawn from a point_dz_weaponspawn.

It seems to be based on a prop_mapplaced_long_use_entity.