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ent_create is a console command that creates an entity of the given type where the player is looking.


Additional parameters can be passed in in the form:

ent_create <entity name> <param 1 name> <param 1> <param 2 name> <param 2>...<param N name> <param N>


  • ent_create player_speedmod; ent_fire player_speedmod ModifySpeed 3
    A handy way to make the player faster ingame, without needing to recompile the map or using host_timescale
  • ent_create env_explosion targetname newexp iMagnitude 100; ent_fire newexp explode
    Spawns an explosion where the player looks and instantly triggers it too.
  • ent_create prop_dynamic model models/editor/playerstart.mdl modelscale 2
    Example of creating a prop. Alternatively, prop_dynamic_create can be used.
  • ent_create player_weaponstrip targetname pacifism; ent_fire pacifism strip
    A handy way to clear weapons ingame.


You can also pass flags like this:

ent_create <entity name> spawnflags <combo>

(to find out the combo, create such an entity and edit its flags in hammer, then disable SmartEdit and copy the spawnflags value)

  • ent_create point_viewcontrol spawnflags 264 angles "0 0 90"
    creates a 90 flipped point_viewcontrol that does not start at/follow the player and has an infinite hold time. For an understanding of angles, see getpos.

See Also

  • prop_dynamic_create, a command to spawn a model ingame.
  • give, a command like ent_fire, but things spawn beneath the player's feet.