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Portal 2/Creating a mod

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The old tutorial was obsoleted by DLC2. This is the new method, as described by Lpfreaky90 and Felix Griffin.

Step 1

Create a folder for your mod in Steam/steamapps/sourcemods and rename it to the name of your mod. Open that folder and create two subfolders: "cfg" and "maps".

Step 2

Open the "maps" folder and create a folder called "soundcache" inside it. Copy the file called "_master.cache" from Steam/steamapps/common/portal 2/portal2_dlc2/maps/soundcache to this new soundcache folder.

Step 3

Create a gameinfo.txt file in your mod's root directory. Use this template:

    game            "Your Mod's Name"
    GameData        "portal2.fgd"
        SteamAppId  620 // Portal 2 has ID 620
            Game    |gameinfo_path|.
            Game    portal2_dlc2
            Game    portal2_dlc1
            Game    portal2

Step 4

Use a program like GCFScape GCFScape to open Steam/steamapps/common/portal 2/portal2_dlc2/pak01_dir.vpk and copy the file called resource/ui/basemodui/mainmenu_new.res to (your mod)/resource/ui/basemodui. Edit it, then pack it into a new VPK using portal 2/bin/vpk.exe or GCFScape GCFScape.

Step 5

Restart Steam. If it all worked, your mod should be listed. Congratulations!