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The Env_fire entity is broken in portal. There's actually a fixable reason as to why this is.

In the Source engine, the Env_fire entity looks for the particle "fire_01.pcf" to use. This contains all the necessary particles, like smoke, large/medium/small fires, etc. In Half Life 2, this works fine.

However, in Portal, the fire pit particles seen at the end of the test chambers are also named "fire_01.pcf". This creates some conflicts, as the Env_fire can't find the correct particles within the Portal fire pit particle system. This is further complicated by the absence of any Env_fires in the original Portal. Had any been placed during development, this problem would have been dealt with far before Portal was released.

This fix tells Portal that the env_fire entity can use fire_02.pcf (the renamed fire_01.pcf from Half-Life 2). If you distribute a map with an env_fire in it, you MUST include this fix! Otherwise your map will be broken!

There are a few issues with the fix, however. First, some have reported that the fire is mute (no sound). Second, the "Fire Size" keyvalue has no effect on the ingame fire; it remains the same size no matter what value the entry has (thanks to reepblue for pointing that one out).

Download here. by NocturnalGhost, packaged by WinstonSmith