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Obsidian Conflict Obsidian Conflict is a cooperative modification created for Half-Life 2. It is a community based mod with focus on fun, cooperative, and physics-related puzzles. The mod has an open story, but is still set in the Half-Life 2 universe. The mods' current version is 1.35 Released May 31 2010.


Co-Op Campaign

Npcs (Requires mount)

Dynamic Content Mounting

Npcs (Requires mount)
Npcs (Requires mount)

Additional Game Content Mounting

Several maps setup with coop storylines
  • Customizable Hud and Flashlight
  • New NPCs
  • Scoring System
  • New Weapons
Super Gravity Gun Support
Custom Weapon Scripts
  • Player Modules including Cloak and Shield
  • Custom Player Models System
  • Inventory system
  • Series maps save your weapons and points over transitions
Objects and npcs can transfer over level transitions and back again
Previous maps in a series of maps are saved, so when you go back to them things stay as you left them. Just like SP Half-Life 2
  • New Maps
  • Advanced Customizability for Mappers
  • Custom per map Sound Scripts, Configuration Files and Soundscapes
  • Out of Hammer map modification via scripts
  • Gamemodes Including
    • Classic Coop
    • Classic Coop Lives
    • Teamplay
    • Teamplay Lives
    • Player Vs Player

Official Maps

oc_antlion_attack [1] oc_breakout [2] oc_broken_escape series [3] oc_bunker [4] oc_cannon series [5] oc_cardwar [6]
oc_castledefense [7] oc_courier [8] oc_danmaku [9] oc_docks [10] oc_evildead [11] oc_fireteam series [12]
oc_freezingpoint [13] oc_harvest [14] oc_kake [15] oc_lobby [16] oc_manor [17] oc_newgappi [18]
oc_return_c17 series [19] oc_seamus [20] oc_sewers [21] oc_stadium [22] oc_starlight [23] oc_starship_troopers [24]
oc_stitches series [25] oc_umizuri [26] oc_waking_dead [27] oc_wgh [28] oc_wildfire series [29] oc_zelda series [30]
ocf_deadland [31] z_harrier2 [32]


Obsidian Human Grunts Wallpaper 1
Obsidian Human Grunts Wallpaper 2


  • PC Zone Magazine (UK) 11/2006 [33]
  • PC Action Magazine (German) 10/2006 [34]

See Also


  • oc modify generator001 Compares a decomplied vmf to an edited copy of the vmf and outputs a mapname_modify.txt script with the updated changes. Tool made by Zteer.
  • bspconv001 Reads the Lump information to be included in map file (extension bsp) used by Source engine games. Tool made by Zteer.