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mp_buy_allow_guns is a console variable available in all Source Source games. mp_buy_allow_guns determines the groups of weapons that players are allowed to buy in the buy menu.

Tip.pngTip: Armor, grenades, Defuse Kit, Rescue Kit, Zeus x27 and Riot Shield are not affected by this ConVar but instead there are other ConVars for them:
  • To restrict armor, use mp_max_armor. Set to 0 to disable all armor purchases, set to 1 to allow only Kevlar or set to 2 to allow both Kevlar and Kevlar + Helmet. As this ConVar affects only purchases, armor can still be equipped with give or game_player_equip for example.
  • To restrict the grenade group, use mp_buy_allow_grenades. Set to 0 or 1 to disable or to enable the purchase of grenades.
  • To restrict the Zeus x27, use mp_weapons_allow_zeus.
  • To restrict the Riot Shield, use sv_shield_purchase_restricted_to.
  • To restrict any specific item(s), use mp_items_prohibited. For example, to restrict Defuse Kits and Rescue Kits, use mp_items_prohibited "55,56".


mp_buy_allow_guns <int>

Its value is an integer from 0 to 255, interpreted as a bitfield. Each of the eight bits (1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128) stands for a group of weapons that is either purchasable (> 0) or not (= 0).

Weapon Groups
Value Weapon Type Weapons
1 Pistols Glock-18 / P2000 / USP-S
Dual Berettas
Tec-9 / CZ75-Auto / Five-SeveN
Desert Eagle / R8 Revolver
2 SMGs MAC-10 / MP9
MP7 / MP5-SD
4 Rifles Galil AR / FAMAS
AK-47 / M4A4 / M4A1-S
SG 553 / AUG
8 Shotguns Nova
Sawed-Off / MAG-7
16 Sniper Rifles SSG 08
G3SG1 / SCAR-20
32 Heavy M249
64 - -
128 - -

To disable only some of the groups, set this ConVar to 255 minus those groups' values.
To enable only some of the groups, set this ConVar to 0 plus those groups' values.
Adding or subtracting 64 or 128 makes no difference as those bits do not enable/disable anything.


  • The value 255 enables the purchase of all weapons. It is the default value. Equivalent to 63, 127 and 191.
  • The value 35 (= 1+2+32) enables the purchase of pistols, SMGs and heavy weapons. Rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles are not purchasable. Equivalent to 99, 163 and 227.
  • The value 0 disables the purchase of all of these weapon groups. Equivalent to 64, 128 and 192.