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Modulate is a material shader available in all Source games. It modulates the colors of any pixels behind it.

Tip.png Tip: This shader can be effectively used to fake various features that Source may not support, such as vertex coloring or lightmapping on models, by creating a surface above the first one to modulate it.
GIF Animation showing "Modulate" shader in action.
Picture showing the difference between $mod2x 0 and 1.


Accepts only the following parameters:

$basetexture              "texture" //Multiplies the color behind it with this surface's texture.
$mod2x                    "boolean"  //Doubles the modulation, making it appear brighter. 1 enables this, 0 disables. Disabled by default.
$nocull                   "boolean"  //Draws triangles from both sides, not just one. 1 enables this, 0 disables. Disabled by default.
Note.png Note: Does not accept any translucency parameters, including $alpha, $alphatest, $additive and $translucent.

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