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<Left 4 Dead 2> Below is a list of soundscapes for use in Left 4 Dead 2.

An easy way of testing them is to use the playsoundscape console command, which includes limited searching for soundscape names so you shouldn't have to print out a copy of this list for reference. To stop the soundscapes use the stopsound console command to abruptly stop all sounds playing.

Note:Left 4 Dead 2 contains all soundscapes from Left 4 Dead, which are excluded from this list.

soundscapes_campaign1/Dead Center

Name Description and Notes
fire.debris.metal Somewhat distant metal crashes and straining, with the occasional sound of burning. This soundscape should be used with others, as the sound cuts in and out.
fire.debris.wood Similar to the above, except with the sounds of wood collapsing and breaking instead of metal.
fire.debris.junk Similar to the above, except with the sounds of generic rubble, glass and rocks(?) moving and falling around.
structure.groans Pretty self-explanatory, occasional sounds of metal eerily groaning and straining. This soundscape should be used with others, as the sound cuts in and out.
mall.randomverbs Very distant, echoing sounds of something small falling over.
c1m1.spawn Constant soundscape of rooftop winds, distant birds and cicadas, and a raging fire not too far away.
c1m1.stairwell Generic wind-humming, maybe from an AC or a vent. Similar to the above, except the humming is quieter and there's a very frequent sound of wood/junk breaking and falling. A loud, raging fire with metal groaning and breaking. High winds, birds and cicadas, and a very close raging fire.
c1m1.hotelroom.2ndfloor Very loud blazing inferno with wood breaking and rubble collapsing.
c1m1.storeroom.2ndfloor Similar to the above, except the fire is slightly quieter and the metal groaning is louder.
c1m1.elevator.2ndfloor Similar to the above, except the fire is even quieter and the metal straining is closer. Silence(?)
c1m1.hotelexterior.2ndfloor Very close and frequent bird calls and cicadas, with the same high winds as before - probably in a windy, forested area. No fire, however. Nothing but a very loud fire and metal collapsing. A relatively quieter fire, but the debris sounds are more frequent, varied and louder (but not very loud) - everything between glass, debris and metal. Probably only a few rooms away from the fire.
c1m1.saferoom Distant fire with a fluorescent/generator hum nearby, and metal groaning/debris breaking somewhere close.
c1m2.spawn Somewhat quiet fluorescent/generator hum with a faint wind outside the door. No fire or debris, somehow.
c1m2.exterior.01 Noisy birds and cicadas right above the player, with faint gusts of wind blowing by. Very soothing. Could be used for anything between a small wooded area or a lively subtropical forest.
c1m2.stairwell Generic wind-humming. Literally identical to c1m1.stairwell.
c1m2.streetalley Similar to c1m2.exterior.01, except the birds and cicadas are muffled, quiet and echo-y, and the faint wind is louder.
c1m2.exterior.02 Similar to c1m2.exterior.01, but the faint wind is quieter - almost not even there. Just birds and cicadas.
c1m2.exterior.03 Similar to the above, except the wildlife is quiet and more distant.
c1m2.interior.01 Generic sound of air moving through a room, maybe from an AC unit or an open door. Very (almost absurdly) boring, more so than the sound of air moving should be. The humming of a cooler or fluorescent light, and an annoying fly at position 1.
c1m2.safehouse More air moving through a room, maybe some quiet machinery like a vending machine nearby.
c1m3.spawn Even more air moving through a room, except with a fly at position 1.
c1m3.mall.interior1 More moving air, but louder and with a humming, like from an AC vent. Also some occasional, distant sounds like doors closing, small things falling down, etc. These are taken from "mall.randomverbs".
c1m3.mall.interior2 Similar to above, but the humming is gone completely and the air is lower-pitched and deeper. Almost like being underwater, except for the occasional "mall.randomverbs" ambient sounds in the distance.
c1m3.mall.hallway Even more moving air. Identical to "c1m1.stairwell", except more "open", like in a bigger room. Looping 2-second sound of fluorescent humming, or maybe an old monitor humming.
c1m3.safehouse Moving air with quietly humming machinery, literally identical to "c1m2.safehouse".
c1m4.spawn Identical to above, except a little bit quieter.
c1m4.atrium.hallway More quietly moving air coming from a vent.
c1m4.atrium.interior Identical to "c1m3.mall.interior2". Similar to above, but without the "mall.randomverbs" ambient sounds, and the constant humming of machinery (like an elevator motor) at position 1.


Name Description and Notes
c3m1.gasstationspawn Cicadas and other critters. Probably night. Very calm.
c3m1.gasstaionspawn Bugged version of "c3m1.gasstationspawn". The looping cicada sounds fade out after one second, but other critters sounds still play sometimes.
c3m1.houseinteriors Same as "c3m1.gasstationspawn", but a little quieter.
c3m1.dock Flies buzzing around very close, frogs in the distance, calm sill water, a few birds. Like a swamp.
c3m1.openinterior Cicadas, seagulls in the distance, distant gunfire and explosions.
c3m1.plankswamp Flies buzing around very close, a lot of frogs in near distance, steady stream of water, birds that make a odd noise
c3m1.saferoom Medium big room or corridor, wind flowing calmly, water dripping in the far distance
c3m2.tunnelspawn Same as "c3m1.saferoom", but quieter
c3m2.swamp A lot of frogs, a lot of flies, several cicadas, resting water, birds can be heard aswell.
c3m2.swamp02 Simmilar to "c3m2.swamp" bit with a very repetitive sound that i can only describe as loud creaking wood. Maybe it's a swamp animal.
c3m2.swamp03 Several flies, many more cicadas in the distance, loud frogs, barely audible calm water
c3m2.houseinterior Cicadas, flies, distant frogs, creaking wood, very distant and dull explosion sound.
c3m2.elevatedground Very close low pitched humming noise, like a vending machine. Wood creaking loudly and often
c3m2.safehouse Wood creaking, frogs and cicadas in the distance. also has low pitched humming noise.
c3m3.housespawn An awful lot of lies buzzing around very close and loudly, has creaking wood.
c3m3.townoutside_01 Loud cicadas and very close flies, occasional birds. Has sounds of metal banging, like a trashcan falling over
c3m3.houseinterior Cicadas in the distance and creaking wood.
c3m3.houseinterior_02 Cicadas in the distance, loud flies, several frogs in the distance, very close wood creaking.
c3m3.townoutside_02 A lot of nearby frogs and cicadas, a few buzzing flies. Has calm water and occasional bird noises.
c3m3.swamp Many distant and a few close cicadas, a couple of frogs in nearby distance.
c3m3.outside_dry Like "c3m1.gasstationspawn". Cicadas and other critters. Probably night. Very calm.
c3m3.safehouse starts with a few cicadas, after two seconds fades into indoor sound of low humming and wood creaking.
c3m4.housespawn Distant cicadas and a low humming noise, probably a vending maching or other simmilar machinery
c3m4.plantationoutside Loud cicadas, standing waters, several woodland insects making noise.
c3m4.houseinterior Has "c3m4.plantationoutside" but quieter in the background with wood creaking sounds in the foreground.
c3m4.orchard_entrance Distant cicadas, alot of birds singing, maybe a rattlesnake rattling sometimes. Only indoor sounds of creaking wood with a low humming noise in the background.
c3m4.plantation_backyard Cicadas and other insects, calm water, occasional singing birds.
c3m4.plantation_dock A lot of frogs nearby, a few cicadas, singing birds and calm water.


  • milltown.emptystub
  • rain.hardsurface.soft.dynamic
  • rain.hardsurface.soft
  • rain.hardsurface.hard
  • rain.water.soft
  • rain.water.hard
  • rain.interior.soft.dynamic
  • rain.interior.soft
  • rain.interiorverb.hard.dynamic
  • rain.interiorverb.hard
  • distant.thunder
  • storm.dynamic
  • storm.dynamic.mill
  • milltown.spawn
  • milltown.a.ext
  • burgertank.interior
  • milltown.a.safehouse
  • sugarmill.a.spawn
  • sugarmill.a.exterior
  • sugarmill.a.pipeyard
  • sugarmill.a.pipeyard.transition
  • sugarmill.a.courtyard
  • sugarmill.a.trailerinterior
  • sugarmill.a.mill
  • sugarmill.a.cornfield
  • sugarmill.b.spawn
  • sugarmill.b.cornfield
  • sugarmill.b.mill
  • sugarmill.b.trailerinterior
  • sugarmill.b.courtyard
  • sugarmill.b.pipeyard.transition
  • sugarmill.b.pipeyard
  • sugarmill.b.exterior
  • sugarmill.b.spawn
  • milltown.b.safehouse
  • milltown.b.ext
  • burgertank.b.interior
  • milltown.b.spawn


  • c5m1.waterfront
  • c5m1.waterfrontspawn
  • c5m1.street
  • c5m1.smallstore
  • c5m1.alley
  • c5m1.park
  • c5m1.bathroom
  • c5m1.decon
  • c5m1.terminal
  • c5m1.depot
  • c5m1.highwayspawn
  • c5m2.highwayspawn
  • c5m2.junkyard
  • c5m2.suburbanstreet
  • c5m2.houseinterior
  • c5m2.cornerstore
  • c5m2.burnedhouses
  • c5m2.tunnel
  • c5m2.underground
  • c5m2.impoundlot
  • c5m2.highway
  • c5m2.cemetery
  • c5m2.urbanstreet
  • c5m2.storagespawn
  • c5m3.storagespawn
  • c5m3.courtyard
  • c5m3.smallstore
  • c5m3.street
  • c5m3.smallclub
  • c5m3.largeclub
  • c5m3.alley
  • c5m3.hotelstairwell
  • c5m3.hotelinterior
  • c5m3.apartmentshell
  • c5m3.apartment
  • c5m3.lot
  • c5m3.waterfront
  • c5m3.towerspawn
  • c5m4.towerspawn
  • c5m4.bridgeoutside
  • c5m4.dockfar
  • c5m4.dock


  • rural2.woods
  • rural2.woods3
  • rural2.morning
  • rural2.bridge
  • rural2.smallbuilding
  • rural2.smallbuilding2
  • rural2.river
  • rural2.caveclosed
  • rural2.caveopen
  • rural2.traintunnel
  • rural2.pumproom
  • rural2.bigroom
  • rural2.drainagebig
  • rural2.drainagesmall
  • rural2.drainageopen
  • rural2.trainyardentrance
  • rural2.trainyardrespawn
  • rural2.trainyardbuilding
  • rural2.trainyardbuilding2
  • rural2.trainyardbuilding2window
  • rural2.trainyard
  • rural2.trainyard2
  • rural2.towninside
  • rural2.townalley
  • rural2.boatinterior
  • rural2.boatexterior
  • rural2.shoreline
  • rural2.town_02
  • rural2.shack
  • rural2.combat_far_heavy
  • rural2.combat_far_medium
  • rural2.combat_close_light


  • swamps.frogs_01
  • swamps.frogs_02
  • swamps.frogs_03
  • swamps.frogs_04
  • swamps.frogs_05
  • swamps.frogs_06
  • swamps.bullfrogs_01
  • swamps.flies
  • swamps.gators
  • swamps.gasstation
  • swamps.dock
  • swamps.plankswamp_01
  • swamps.swamp_01
  • swamps.swamp_02
  • swamps.swamp_03
  • swamps.shantyoutside
  • swamps.plantation_outside
  • swamps.orchard
  • rural2.combat_far_heavy
  • rural2.combat_far_medium
  • rural2.combat_close_light


  • urban2.util_cicadas
  • urban2.util_grasshoppers
  • urban2.utilbirdsgroup1
  • urban2.util_interiorslams
  • urban2.util_metalslams
  • urban2.util_metalslams 2
  • urban2.util_woodfloorsqueaks
  • urban2.util_woodqueaks_new
  • urban2.util_windgust
  • urban2.util_distantcombat
  • urban2.util_distantexplosions
  • urban2.util_rat_scratches
  • urban2.util_genericrooftop
  • urban2.util_genericexterior_from_interior_1
  • urban2.util_genericexterior_from_interior_2
  • urban2.util_flies
  • urban2.util_steam
  • urban2.util_pipes
  • urban2.rooftop_1b
  • urban2.rooftop_1b_interior
  • urban2.rooftop_1b_interior2
  • urban2.underground_1
  • urban2.underground_2
  • urban2.underground_3
  • urban2.controlroom
  • urban2.warehouse_1
  • urban2.steamtunnel
  • urban2.boilerroom
  • urban2.hospital_interior
  • urban2.flies
  • urban2.rooftop
  • urban2.junkyard
  • urban2.street
  • urban2.courtyard
  • urban2.alley
  • urban2.sewer
  • urban2.pipetunnel
  • urban2.apartment
  • urban2.generatorroom_off
  • urban2.generatorroom
  • urban2.respawn
  • urban2.rooftopspawn
  • urban2.hospitalspawn
  • urban2.spawnrain
  • urban2.subway
  • urban2.pillarsroom
  • urban2.conveniencestore
  • urban2.warehouseoutside
  • urban2.bathroom
  • urban2.tankroom
  • urban2.powerplant
  • urban2.powerplantinside
  • urban2.parkinggarage
  • urban2.elevator
  • urban2.finaleinside
  • urban2.finaleoutside
  • urban2.finaleroof
  • urban2.cemetery
  • urban2.burnedhouse
  • urban2.dock
  • urban2.dockfar
  • urban2.bridgeoutside