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Half-Life 2 Level Creation

Here is a list of 46 soundscapes for use in Half-Life 2 Deathmatch. An easy way of testing them is to use the playsoundscape console command, which includes limited searching for soundscape names so you shouldn't have to print out a copy of this list for reference.

Soundscapes with 'util' in the name are intended for inclusion in other, full soundscapes. While they should work without problems in-game, they generally aren't nearly as varied or deep as the resulting composites. Others have positional sounds which will be played at certain locations specified in the env_soundscape entity's properties. If these locations are not given, the sounds will not be heard.

A preview video of these soundscapes can be found here.

Note.png Note:  Half-Life 2 Deathmatch also contains all of Half-Life 2's soundscapes.

To do:  Add descriptions and positional information for all.


Name Description Position Number Position Description
streetwar.util_combine_atmosphere Constant random wind gusts and machine-like sounds.
streetwar.util_rubble Random falling rubble, wood creaks and metal stress.
streetwar.util_sirens Manhacks, cityscanners and APCs passing by.
streetwar.util_light_sirens Same as above but less frequent.
streetwar.util_zombie_infested Occasional buzzing flies, rats and zombies.
streetwar.util_light_combat_atmosphere Distant APC's, gunships, helicopters and striders with infrequent city riots, fights and screams plus occationally alarms and sirens.
streetwar.util_heavy_combat_atmosphere Similar to above but more frequent.
streetwar.util_muffled_light_combat Occasional rumble and distant explosions, heard from building interiors and underground.
streetwar.util_light_combat Distant gun fire, explosions, zombies, antlions and Combine soldiers.
streetwar.util_medium_combat Same as above but slightly more frequent.
streetwar.util_heavy_combat Same as above but even more frequent.
streetwar.util_drips Water dripping.
streetwar.util_fardrips Farther away water dripping.
streetwar.zombie_water_room Atmospheric windy corridor with dripping / running water, flies, rats and zombies.
streetwar.car_tunnel Large ambient underground tunnel with vehicles occasionally passing overhead and light combat.
streetwar.general_small_tunnel Small underground tunnel, away from combat, with the sound of wind going through and light combat.
streetwar.car_tunnel_opensky Large underground tunnel open to the sky. Similar to streetwar.car_tunnel with city sounds and medium combat.
streetwar.toxic_car_tunnel Large underground tunnel. Similar to streetwar.car_tunnel but with toxic slime gurgling, metal stress and light combat.
streetwar.infested_appartments Quiet wind, zombies, falling rubble, rats, buzzing flies and distant medium combat.
streetwar.general_indoor_light_combat Quiet indoor atmosphere with distant light combat.
streetwar.general_indoor_medium_combat Similar to above with more frequent distant medium combat.
streetwar.general_indoor_heavy_combat Similar to above with more frequent distant heavy combat.
streetwar.general_outdoor_light_combat Quiet outdoor city atmosphere with distant light combat.
streetwar.general_outdoor_medium_combat Similar to above with more frequent and closer medium combat.
streetwar.general_outdoor_heavy_combat Similar to above with more frequent and closer heavy combat.
streetwar.destroyed_concrete_building Building rock rubbling, outdoor medium combat, ambient city sounds and frequent wind snippets.
streetwar.rooftop_heavy_combat Ambient city sounds, constant background city siren loop, frequent wind snippets and heavy combat.
streetwar.control_room Small control room. Distant medium indoor combat, Combine tech mechine sounds and Combine computer terminals. 0 Combine computer terminal.
1 Combine computer terminal.
streetwar.bank_control_room Bank control room. Similar to above but with no beeping and instead just random machine sounds. 0 Combine computer terminal.
streetwar.bank_machine_room Puzzle machine room, anywhere with large Combine machines. A constant steam sound, beeping and a Combine computer terminal.
streetwar.bank_general General inside bank area. Silent wind and distant medium combat.
e3_c17_01_battle Fire nearby, background city siren and heavy combat. 0 Medium sized fire loop.
1 Combine barricade gate noises.
2 Ambient city siren loop.
c17_02_street_lower_1 Very silent city siren, wind snippets, medium combat and thundering wall noises. 0 Combine wall thundering.
c17_02_street_upper_1 Medium combat and very distant city siren.
c17_02_street_upper_2 Same as above but with a louder alarm and thundering wall noises. 0 Combine wall thundering.
c17_02_inside_apartments_1 Indoor ambient noise with rock rumbling, wood creaking and thundering wall noises. 0 Combine wall thundering and machine noises.
streetwar.underground_manhack_tunnel Machinery humming, water drips and loud steam. 0 Steam loop.
streetwar.vertical_warehouse_arena Machinery humming and occasional wind snippets.


Name Description Position Number Position Description


Name Description Position Number Position Description
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