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Viewmodel of the MediShot. It shares the same model as the Adrenaline Shot from Left 4 Dead 2 Left 4 Dead 2 with a modified texture.

weapon_healthshot is a point entity available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike 2 Counter-Strike 2.

Entity Description

The MediShot (as referred to by the tablet in Danger Zone) was added in 2016 as part of the Operation Wildfire update, originally for the Co-op Strike game mode.

It appears in the aforementioned CS:GO Co-op Strike Co-op Strike missions, in CS:GO Danger Zone Danger Zone as starting equipment, occasional drop or tablet purchase for $1000 and in CS:GO/CS2 Deathmatch Deathmatch and CS:GO/CS2 Arms Race Arms Race when making a number of consecutive kills in one life.

When used, the player will stab themselves with the syringe in the right chest, emitting a unique sound and consuming the healthshot. By default, 50 HP will be restored over 2.5 seconds. While the healing is taking place, the screen warps around the edges and a blue border gradually fades in and out.

Obviously, the MediShot is more useful while not in an engagement, as if you attempt to use it in the middle of combat, an enemy could catch you with no weapon.

This weapon's reserve ammo stands for the number of MediShots that a player has. Its primary ammo has no effect and should therefore be -1 to hide the UI ammo numbers.

Related Console Variables

The default values refer to the configs csgo/cfg/gamemode_armsrace.cfg, _deathmatch.cfg, _survival.cfg and the default value when launching the game.

Console Variable Default Value Description
CS:GO/CS2 Arms RaceCS:GO/CS2 Deathmatch CS:GO Danger Zone else
ammo_item_limit_healthshot 2 4 The maximum number of healthshots each player can carry.
healthshot_allow_use_at_full 1 Whether or not the players can use a healthshot while already being on maximum health.
healthshot_health 50 50 The number of HP that is restored on usage, maxing out at the player's max_health.
healthshot_healthboost_damage_multiplier 0.9 1.0 A multiplier for damage that a healing player receives. For example, a healing player can receive double (2.0), normal (1.0), half (0.5) or no (0.0) damage, independent of the damage source.
healthshot_healthboost_speed_multiplier 1.2 1.0 A speed multiplier for healing players. For example, a player can move at double (2.0), normal (1.0) or half (0.5) speed - or not at all (0.0) while healing.
healthshot_healthboost_time 1 6.5 0 The duration of the speed effect of healthshot_healthboost_speed_multiplier, in seconds.
mp_death_drop_healthshot 1 Whether or not each player will drop a healthshot on death (if he had at least one).
mp_ggprogressive_healthshot_killcount 3 3 CS:GO/CS2 Arms Race Arms Race: The number of consecutive kills after which a player is automatically given a healthshot (if he has none).
mp_tdm_healthshot_killcount 3 CS:GO/CS2 Deathmatch Deathmatch: The number of consecutive kills after which a player is automatically given a healthshot (if he has none).
sv_health_approach_enabled 1 1 0 Whether or not the HP are granted at once (0) or over time (1).
sv_health_approach_speed 20 10 The rate at which the healing is granted, in HP per second, only if sv_health_approach_enabled is 1. Non-positive values result in no healing.


CS:GO / CS2 Weapon:

Is this weapon allowed to be picked up? (CanBePickedUp) <boolean> (in all games since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
Determines if players are able to pick up the weapon.


  •  [1] : Start Constrained
       Prevents the model from moving.


CS:GO / CS2 Weapon:

SetAmmoAmount <integer> (in all games since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
For guns, sets the number of bullets in the active magazine. Does nothing for grenades.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Every value behaves like its congruent value in the range 0-255 in modulus 256 (e.g. -255 and 257 behave like 1 etc.). When set to 0, the owner may start reloading automatically, if possible. Other values congruent to 0 (-256, 256, 512, ...) might cause undefined behavior. Values congruent to -1 (mod 256) make the ammo numbers disappear. If set to a value outside the weapon's clip size, reloading might deliver unexpected results.
Counter-Strike 2 Behaves like SetClipPrimary.
SetReserveAmmoAmount <integer> (in all games since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
For guns, sets the number of bullets in reserve for reloading, clamping at the weapon's maximum (e.g. 90 for the weapon_ak47).
For grenades, sets their count, clamping at the current maximum depending on the convars ammo_grenade_limit_*; When setting to 0 or below while holding the grenade, the player no longer owns any, but the viewmodel stays.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Negative values make a gun's ammo display disappear and reloading is impossible.
Counter-Strike 2 Negative values are clamped to 0 for guns.
ToggleCanBePickedUp <boolean> (in all games since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
Toggles whether the weapon can be picked up by players. Visually, nothing changes and there is no event if picking up fails. Hover texts like "[E] Swap for AK-47" remain in both cases.

SetClipPrimary <integer> (only in Counter-Strike 2)
For guns, sets the number of bullets in the active magazine, clamping between 0 and its clip size; When setting to 0, the owner may start reloading automatically.
Does nothing for grenades.
SetClipSecondary <integer> (only in Counter-Strike 2)
Icon-Bug.pngBug:Does nothing. SetReserveAmmoAmount works.


CS:GO / CS2 Weapon:

Fires when a player +uses this weapon (!activator is the player.). Does not fire if the weapon is picked up successfully.
Fires when a player picks this weapon up (!activator is the player.).
OnCacheInteraction  (removed since Counter-Strike 2) !FGD
When dropped, fires every tick on player touch (!activator is the player.).
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Also fires on successful +use pickup. Does not fire if CanBePickedUp is false.
OnNPCPickup  (removed since Counter-Strike 2) !FGD
Fires when an NPC picks up this weapon (!activator is the NPC). Bots are considered players, so this output has no functionality.