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Note.png Note: "Paint bomb" refers to prop_paint_bombs. "Paint blobs" refers to gel in the form of a continuous stream. Paint bombs actually render as a packet of 20 (paintbomb_draw_num_paint_blobs) individual gel blobs, so some blob commands may apply to them as well, usually only for visual variables.
ConVar/CommandParameters or default valueDescriptorEffect
bounce_paint_color0 165 255 255Red Green Blue AlphaColor for PLACED repulsion gel. Requires reload to take effect. Does not change color for gel in midair.
bounce_paint_min_speed500Units per secondIf an object or player is not moving at this velocity perpendicular to a surface painted with repulsion gel, their velocity will be increased to this amount in the opposite direction when they bounce off the gel. Simplified, 500 means that a player's Z velocity will be increased to 500 the moment they bounce on gel on a floor, if it wouldn't already be higher.
bounce_paint_wall_jump_upward_speed275Units per secondAmount of upward velocity to add to an object when bouncing sideways on repulsion gel. 275 results in the player bouncing about 384 units before the player returns to the same height due to gravity.
cast_ray_paintTo do: NextBot collision testing for gel...? See also: cast_ray.
cl_debug_paint_ammo_bar0Unused. See weapon_paintgun.
cl_draw_paint_bomb_with_blobs10 disables, 1 enablesMakes paint bombs render as packets of blobs. Implies that there is/was some alternate method of rendering them.
cl_draw_projected_wall_with_paint10 disables, 1 enablesEnables rendering paint splats on projected_wall_entitys.
cl_group_paint_impact_effects0To do: Effect description.
cl_paintable_projected_wall_texture_wrap_rate64Hammer unitsIf cl_draw_projected_wall_with_paint is enabled, this will stretch or squeeze the wavy light bridge texture, and any gel textures on it. It doesn't seem to affect[confirm] how accurately gel will land onto a light bridge (64 unit squares).
debug_paint_client_blobs0Probably related to draw_paint_client_blobs. No effect.[confirm]
debug_paint_impact_effects00 disables, 1 enablesDisplays how many paint splatter particle effects currently exist.
debug_paint_sprayer_cone00 disables, 1 enablesDraws the location and spread radius of info_paint_sprayers. Also shows the spawn location and angle of individual paint blobs.
debug_paintable_projected_wall0Seems like it would give information on gel applied to projected_wall_entitys. No effect.[confirm]
debug_paintbomb_explosion00 disables, 1 enablesDraws a cluster of lines showing all the directions that gel was launched in when paint bombs explode.
debug_player_paint_shoot_pos0Probably related to weapon_paintgun. No effect.[confirm]
draw_paint_client_blobs0No effect.[confirm]
draw_paint_isosurface10 disables, 1 enablesEnables gel blob and bomb rendering.
draw_paint_splat_particles10 disables, 1 enablesEnables gel splatter particle effect rendering.
ent_create_paint_bomb_eraseCreates a cleansing gel bomb where the player is looking.
ent_create_paint_bomb_jumpCreates a repulsion gel bomb where the player is looking.
ent_create_paint_bomb_portalCreates a conversion gel bomb where the player is looking.
ent_create_paint_bomb_speedCreates a propulsion gel bomb where the player is looking.
erase_color0 0 0 0Red Green Blue AlphaSeems like it would change the color of surfaces that are erased of gel. No effect.
erase_visual_color255 255 255 255Red Green Blue AlphaSeems like it would change the color of cleansing gel. Color only applies to the smudge screen effect seen when the player is hit by gel.
mat_dynamicPaintmaps00 disables, 1 enablesProbably related to mat_dynamiclightmaps. No effect.[confirm]
mat_paint_enabled10 disables, 1 enablesEnables gel rendering on brush geometry.
max_sound_channels_per_paint_stream7Arbitrary number
Confirm:Max number of sound mixer channels a paint_stream may use?
paint_cleanser_visibility_look_angle60DegreesTo do: Effect description.
paint_cleanser_visibility_poll_rate0.5To do: Effect description.
paint_cleanser_visibility_range1000To do: Effect description.
paint_color_max_diff32"The maximum difference between two colors for matching." [Clarify]
paint_impact_accumulate_sound_distance_threshold128To do: Effect description.
paint_impact_count_to_max_adjusted_volume5To do: Effect description.
paint_impact_count_to_min_adjusted_pitch_after_full_volume5To do: Effect description.
paint_impact_particles_distance_threshold20To do: Effect description.
paint_impact_particles_duration0.2No effect.[confirm]
paint_location_distance_threshold_square25To do: Has some kind of visible effect?
paint_max_impact_particles50No effect.[confirm]
paint_min_impact_particles20No effect.[confirm]
paintblob_air_drag0.1To doHow fast gel blobs can flow through air. If the air drag is too much, gel will behave like a thick jelly.
paintblob_draw_distance_from_eye18Hammer unitsHow close to the player camera a gel blob can be before it is not visually processed. Hiding very close blobs prevents them from blocking the player's view.
paintblob_gravity_scale1Arbitrary numberMultiplier for the effects of gravity on gel blobs only. Universal gravity is determined by sv_gravity.
paintblob_isosurface_box_width8To do: It is not Hammer units.Rendering size of gel blobs and blobs in bombs.
paintblob_lifetime1.5SecondsIf paintblob_limited_range is enabled, gel blobs will be erased completely after this amount of time.
paintblob_limited_range00 disables, 1 enablesTells gel blobs to erase themselves after a certain amount of time, determined by paintblob_lifetime.
paintblob_max_radius_scale1Arbitrary numberNo effect.[confirm]
paintblob_min_radius_scale0.7Arbitrary numberNo effect.[confirm]
paintblob_minimum_portal_exit_velocity225Units per secondMinimum speed gel blobs will have after crossing a portal. Blobs below this speed will be boosted to it.
paintblob_radius_while_streaking0.3To do: Effect description.
paintblob_streak_angle_threshold45DegreesAngle of impact below which streaking can occur.
paintblob_streak_trace_range20"The range of the trace for the paint blobs while streaking."[Clarify]
paintblob_tbeam_accel200Units per second per secondHow fast gel blobs speed up to the speed of a projected_tractor_beam_entity (funnel). Check the linear force in prop_tractor_beam if this doesn't seem to do anything.
paintblob_tbeam_portal_vortex_circulation60000To doHow fast gel blobs rotate inside funnels, when near portals.
paintblob_tbeam_vortex_accel300Degrees per second per second[confirm]How fast gel blobs speed up to the speed of paintblob_tbeam_vortex_circulation.
paintblob_tbeam_vortex_circulation30000To doHow fast gel blobs rotate inside funnels.
paintblob_tbeam_vortex_distance50Hammer unitsGel blobs this distance away from the start or end of a funnel will spin similar to paintblob_tbeam_portal_vortex_circulation.
paintblob_tbeam_vortex_radius_rate100To do: Has some kind of visible effect?
paintblob_update_per_second60Times per secondTo do: Some kind of movement code?
paintbomb_blobs_max_streak_speed_dampen800To do: Effect description.
paintbomb_blobs_max_streak_time0.2To do: Effect description.
paintbomb_blobs_min_streak_speed_dampen500To do: Effect description.
paintbomb_blobs_min_streak_time0.1To do: Effect description.
paintbomb_draw_blob_speed_max80Units per secondMaximum speed of gel blobs moving within a gel bomb. When changed, only newly created bombs will show the change.
paintbomb_draw_blob_speed_min50Units per secondMinimum speed of gel blobs moving within a gel bomb. When changed, only newly created bombs will show the change.
paintbomb_draw_max_blob_radius0.8Arbitrary numberMaximum render size of gel blobs in bombs. When changed, only newly created bombs will show the change. Seems to have an upward limit? To do: Multiplies size of paintblob_isosurface_box_width?
paintbomb_draw_min_blob_radius0.6Arbitrary numberMinimum render size of gel bomb blobs. When changed, only newly created bombs will show the change. To do: Multiplies size of paintblob_isosurface_box_width?
paintbomb_draw_num_paint_blobs20Arbitrary numberNumber of blobs to comprise a single gel bomb. When changed, only newly created bombs will show the change.
paintbomb_draw_sphere_radius25Hammer unitsDistance to spread all the gel bomb blobs out to. Note that this will not scale the blob oscillation speed.
paintbomb_explosion_radius100Hammer unitsMaximum distance of a surface from a gel bomb that is paintable when the bomb explodes. Note that far distances will not be consistently painted, unless To do is increased.
paintbomb_horizontal_angle_split8To do: Effect description.
paintbomb_streak_speed_max250To do: Effect description.
paintbomb_streak_speed_min150To do: Effect description.
paintbomb_vertical_angle_split8To do: Effect description.
paintsplat_bias0.1To do: Affects how effective a splat is in some way. Probably related to the two commands below?
paintsplat_max_alpha_noise0.1To doControls the amount of random alpha put into paint on brush geometry.
paintsplat_noise_enabled10 disables, 1 enablesEnables random alpha generation for gel on brush geometry. This effect is very subtle and usually is not noticed.
player_paint_shoot_pos_forward_scale55Probably related to weapon_paintgun. No effect.[confirm]
player_paint_shoot_pos_right_scale12Probably related to weapon_paintgun. No effect.[confirm]
player_paint_shoot_pos_up_scale25Probably related to weapon_paintgun. No effect.[confirm]
portal_paint_color128 128 128 255Red Green Blue AlphaColor for PLACED conversion gel. Requires reload to take effect. Does not change color for gel in midair.
portal_test_resting_surface_for_paint00 disables, 1 enablesIf any portals are placed on a previously unportalable surface by means of conversion gel, automatically erase the portal if the conversion gel disappears for some reason.
r_hidepaintedsurfaces00 disables, 1 enablesDisables rendering of gel on brush geometry. The effects of gel will still apply. Objects such as cubes are not affected.
r_paintblob_blr_cutoff_radius5.5To do: Not Hammer unitsSize of gel blobs, including ones inside gel bombs.
Warning.png Warning: Scaling this can be much more expensive than paintblob_isosurface_box_width! To do: What exactly is the difference between these two commands?
r_paintblob_blr_render_radius1.3To do: Not Hammer unitsChanges ONLY the size of gel blobs, including ones inside gel bombs. Unlike other commands, it will not scale the effect of blobs morphing together.
r_paintblob_blr_scale1Arbitrary numberScale for r_paintblob_blr_cutoff_radius and r_paintblob_blr_render_radius.
r_paintblob_calc_color00 disables, 1 enables"Just interpolate colors"[Clarify]
r_paintblob_calc_hifreq_color00 disables, 1 enables"Experimental hi-freq colors"[Clarify]
r_paintblob_calc_tan_only00 disables, 1 enables"Calculate Only Tangents"[Clarify]
r_paintblob_calc_tile_color)0 disables, 1 enables"Shows color of the tile"[Clarify]
r_paintblob_calc_uv_and_tan10 disables, 1 enables"Calculate UVs and Tangents"[Clarify]
r_paintblob_debug_draw_margin00 disables, 1 enables"If tiler is disabled, whether to draw the margin."[Clarify]
r_paintblob_debug_draw_tile_boundaries00 disables, 1 enables"Whether to draw outlines of all tiles."[Clarify]
r_paintblob_debug_spu00 disables, 1 enablesUse "SPU code"[Clarify]
r_paintblob_display_clip_box00 disables, 1 enablesDisplays boxes around portals that have gel blobs in them. To do: More information. What do the line colors mean? What is the area they define?
r_paintblob_draw_isosurface10 disables, 1 enablesEnables gel blobs clumping together. If this is disabled, gel blobs will render as individual droplets.
r_paintblob_force_single_pass00 makes gel render in two passes.[Why?] 1 makes gel render in a single pass.
r_paintblob_highres_cube0.8Arbitrary number[confirm]How round gel should look. The closer to 0, the closer to a perfect sphere. 0 disables rendering however, because it would cause the renderer to attempt to make infinite vertices. Be careful, as extremely low values are very expensive.
r_paintblob_mainview_highres10 disables, 1 enablesMakes main view (not through portals) render blobs in normal quality. Functions independently from r_paintblob_otherviews_highres.
r_paintblob_material-1To do: Unclear exactly what this is meant to do. 3 causes a texture glitch (must be a memory issue). 4 makes gel black. 5, 6, and 7 make gel blobs flicker and possibly render in the wrong positions.
r_paintblob_max_number_of_indices_displayed1000000"Indicates the maximum number of indices to display per tile. The index size will..."[Clarify]
r_paintblob_max_number_of_threads4Arbitrary numberControls the maximum number of threads dedicated to gel blob processing.[confirm]

Warning.png Warning: Do not set this to 0, or the game will crash!
r_paintblob_max_number_of_vertices_displayed1000000"Indicates the maximum number of vertices to display per tile. The VB size will b..."[Clarify]
r_paintblob_only_mainview_displayed00 disables, 1 enablesOnly render gel blobs and bombs in the main view (not through portals).
r_paintblob_otherviews_highres00 disables, 1 enablesMakes gel render in high-poly mode when viewed through portals. Functions independently from r_paintblob_mainview_highres.
r_paintblob_rotate0To do: Effect description.
r_paintblob_seeding_with_simd0To do: Effect description.
r_paintblob_shader[blank by default]ShaderTo do: It would appear to change the gel shader instantly, but no effect has been observed.
r_paintblob_tile_index_to_draw-1To do: This command seems to enable or disable the rendering of particular blobs, possibly related to if they are fused together with other blobs. The specifics of this command and the "blob tile" system are not clear.
r_paintblob_timeout_for_recycling_fragments100MillisecondsTo do: Effect description.
r_paintblob_use_optimized_fragment_copy10 disables, 1 enablesTo do: Effect description.
r_paintblob_wireframe00 disables, 1 enablesRenders gel in a manner similar to mat_wireframe. Good for observing how efficiently gel renders.
removeallpaintRemoves all placed gel from brush geometry. Does not remove gel blobs or bombs or reset paint on objects such as cubes.
speed_funneling_enabled10 disables, 1 enablesEnables portal funneling for players running on propulsion gel.
speed_paint_color255 165 0 255Red Green Blue AlphaColor for PLACED propulsion gel. Requires reload to take effect. Does not change color for gel in midair.
sv_bounce_anim_time_continue0.5To do: Effect description.
sv_bounce_anim_time_predict0.2To do: Effect description.
sv_bounce_reflect_enabled00 disables, 1 enablesTo do: Effect description.
sv_enable_paint_power_user_debug00 disables, 1 enablesTo do: Related to weapon_paintgun? Throws a console error about prop_testchamber_door not implementing IPaintableEntity.
sv_paint_detection_sphere_radius16Hammer unitsHow far away from gel the player can be while still being effected by the gel. 8 and below disables conversion gel. 0 disables all gel types.
sv_paint_trigger_sound_delay0.1SecondsHow long to wait before playing the sounds signifying that the player has stepped onto or off of repulsion and propulsion gel.
sv_paintairacceleration5No effect.[confirm]
Confirm:No effect. Seems like it would be for tweaking the amount of damage dealt to a player when hit by a gel bomb?
sv_portal_placement_on_paint10 disables, 1 enables
Confirm:No effect. Seems like disabling this would forbid portals from opening on painted areas.
sv_press_jump_to_bounce3Arbitrary numberChanges how the player uses repulsion gel.

0 = bounce when walking onto gel, or not crouching while on gel, and when landed on.

1 = bounce only when the jump key is pressed, not including when landed on.

2 = bounce only when the jump key is held down.

3 = bounce when jump key is pressed, or when landed on.

Note.png Note: Changing this can affect the player's ability to jump on walls![confirm]
sv_speed_normal175Units per secondHow fast the player walks when not on propulsion gel.
sv_speed_paint_acceleration500Units per second per secondHow fast the player speeds up to sv_speed_paint_max when on propulsion gel, and how fast the player slows down to sv_speed_normal when getting off propulsion gel.
sv_speed_paint_max800Units per secondMaximum speed the player can move at when on propulsion gel.
sv_speed_paint_on_bounce_deceleration_delay0.2To do: Effect description.
sv_speed_paint_ramp_acceleration1000Units per second per secondA higher version of sv_speed_paint_acceleration specific to ramps.[confirm] To do: How are ramps defined?
Confirm:No effect. Seems like it would multiply how fast the player moves when going sideways on propulsion gel.
sv_wall_bounce_trade0.73Arbitrary numberMultiplier of how much outward velocity is traded for upward velocity on wall bounces with repulsion gel. 0 disables wall bouncing.
sv_wall_jump_help10 disables, 1 enablesTo do: Enables some kind of helper when wall jumping continuously with repulsion gel (like in sp_a3_jump_intro)?
sv_wall_jump_help_amount5"Correction amount" No effect.[confirm]To do: Effect description.
sv_wall_jump_help_debug00 disables, 1 enablesNo effect.[confirm]
sv_wall_jump_help_threshold9No effect.[confirm]