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is a console variable available in all Source Source games.

Mat_wireframe set to 1. Note the tree is being drawn by the engine even though it is behind the wall. This is an example of visibility issues.

A console variable for toggling a wire-frame mode that shows how much of the game world is being rendered.

It has four settings (0-3).

mat_wireframe 0 
Off. Do not display any wireframes.
mat_wireframe 1 
Displays all triangles the engine is rendering. The world brush polygons are rendered in pink.
mat_wireframe 2 
Shows a simplified view of triangulated world brush polygons in green, using a hidden-line style rendering. Should not be used for visibility optimization since it does not accurately represent the full vis set, but can be useful for a less-cluttered display of nearby geometry in view.
mat_wireframe 3 
Same as mat_wireframe 1, but does not display triangulation of brush geometry. The world brush polygons are rendered in pink.

No matter what active mode, the non-world objects always use the following wireframe color codes:

  • Models - Cyan
  • Sprites - Green
  • Displacements - Green
  • Decals and Overlays - Yellow

This variable is a cheat.

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