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All Dota 2 Workshop Tools models need to start from a mesh file exported from a 3D authoring package. The Dota 2 Workshop Tools support FBX, OBJ, and DMX file formats.

Creating a model asset

Here are some quick examples for how to get a model you have created into Model Editor:

From a Mesh

To create a model using an existing mesh file as the base:

  1. Launch Model Editor if it is not already open.
  2. From the File menu, select New VMDL From Mesh File.
  3. Browse to a mesh file.
  4. A new session of model editor will appear with the mesh visible in the viewport.
    • The name of the VMDL is generated from the browsed to mesh file. For example a mesh called "test.fbx" will make a model named "test.vmdl". If the mesh has a "_mesh" suffix, that will be stripped off the VMDL name.
    • The VMDL file is created in the directory as the incoming mesh unless the mesh is in a directory named "dmx" or "fbx". If that is the case, the file will be saved one directory up. For example, a mesh saved in models/test/fbx/test.fbx will make a VMDL in models/test/test.vmdl.# To add collision geometry go to the main menu bar and select Model > Collision > Add Physics Mesh.
  5. Browse to a collision mesh.
  6. View the collision mesh via the Display > Collision Geo menu item.

File > New

To create a model by first creating an empty model file:

  1. Launch Model Editor if it is not already open.
  2. From the File menu, select New.
  3. Name the new file, and save it in the current game's content folder.
  4. You should see an empty session of Model Editor.
  5. Add a mesh by going to the main menu and selecting Model > Mesh > Add Mesh.
  6. Browse to a mesh file.
  7. The mesh will now be visible in the viewport.