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class hierarchy

ability_tongue is a point entity available in Left 4 Dead series Left 4 Dead series. It's the smoker's tongue attack. This entity is located at the tip of his tongue.


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m_currentTipTarget (???) <ehandle>
Player the smoker started his tongue attack at
Tip.pngTip:set to null to abort tongue attack in state 2
m_potentialTarget (???) <ehandle>
Some player that smoker can start tongue attack at from his current position and angles
m_tongueHitRange (???) <float>
distance from last caught survivor
m_tongueGrabStartingHealth (???) <integer>
health of a smoker at the moment he caught a survivor
m_tongueHitWasAmbush (???) <todo>
m_tongueVictimLastOnGroundTime (???) <float>
server time of the last time caught survivor was touching the ground
m_bendPositions (???) <array of vectors>
points where tongue is bent
Note.pngNote:only first bend point can be read with the current vscript functions
m_bendPointCount (???) <integer>
number of bent points
m_tongueState (???) <integer>
0 = not being used
1 = tongue attack was launched with no potential target so will fail
2 = in the air attempting to catch something
3 = pulling a survivor
4 = tongue broke
m_tongueVictimPositionTime (???) <float>
the last server time when caught survivor changed position
m_tipPosition (???) <vector>
Position of the tip of the tongue
m_tongueHitTimestamp (???) <float>
server time of the last caught survivor
m_tongueVictimDistance (???) <float>


m_owner (???) <ehandle>
owner of the ability
m_hasBeenUsed (???) <boolean>
the ability was used at least once
m_nextActivationTimer.m_duration (???) <integer>
determined by tongue_miss_delay or tongue_hit_delay cvars
m_nextActivationTimer.m_timestamp (???) <integer>
server time smoker's next attempt of doing tongue attack is ready
m_activationSupressedTimer.m_duration (???) <float>
m_activationSupressedTimer.m_timestamp (???) <float>


Cvar/CommandParameters or default valueDescriptorEffect
tongue_allow_voluntary_release0boolCan a Smoker let go with his tongue by clicking or turning away?
tongue_bend_point_deflection5unitsHow far off the first obstacle the tongue bends.
tongue_bend_point_needs_LOS0boolDoes a bent tongue still need LOS from the bend point?
tongue_break_from_damage_amount50damageHow much damage to the smoker makes him let go of his victim.
tongue_choke_damage_amount10damageHow much damage the choke does.
tongue_choke_damage_interval1secondsHow often the choke does damage.
tongue_cone_start_tolerance0.1[confirm]steradianHow wide the cone is for a tongue hit.
tongue_debug0boolPrint debug info for tongue
tongue_drag_damage_amount3damageHow much damage the tongue drag does.
tongue_dropping_to_ground_time2secondsA miss or a wall hit will wait this long before pulling back.
tongue_fly_speed1000units per secondHow fast a tongue flies through the air.
tongue_force_break0boolForce an existing attached tongue to break, for debugging
tongue_gravity_force4000The speed that gravity tries to pull us downwards while being tongued.
tongue_health100intTongue health
tongue_hit_delay20 (15 if versus)secondsHow long a smoker must wait to shoot his tongue after a hit, from the time he lets go.
(only Left 4 Dead) tongue_kill_smoker_on_detach1Do we kill the smoker when they take enough damage to detach the tongue?
tongue_los_forgiveness_time1.0secondsA traveling tongue can lose LOS for this amount of time and still hit.
tongue_miss_delay15 (3 if versus)secondsHow long a smoker must wait to shoot his tongue after a miss.
tongue_no_progress_break_interval10secondsHow long of the victim making no progress until we break the tongue.
tongue_no_progress_choke_early_ambush_delay0.5secondsUse a smaller delay if the smoker started choking us from behind. So this plus TongueNoProgressChokeTime equals the earliest start of a ground choke in the event of an ambush.
tongue_no_progress_choke_early_delay1.5secondsWe won't think about ground choking for this long after the hit. So this plus TongueNoProgressChokeTime equals the earliest start of a ground choke.
tongue_no_progress_choke_time0.5secondsIf our victim doesn't make tongue_no_progress_tolerance progress towards in this time, start to hurt him.
tongue_no_progress_damage_interval0.5secondsHow long of the victim making no progress until we start choking him.
tongue_no_progress_tolerance25If our victim doesn't make this much progress in tongue_no_progress_release_time, start to hurt him.
tongue_player_dropping_to_ground_time1secondsHow long after the tongue disconnects will a player need to wait.
tongue_range750unitsHow far a smoker can shoot his tongue.
tongue_release_fatigue_penalty2500How much fatigue the victim gets when released, to slow him down.
tongue_start_pull_delay0.1secondsHow long from tongue contact to tongue pulling.
tongue_unbend1boolCan the smoker tongue unbend?
tongue_vertical_choke_dot0DotProduct between tongue and vertical required to start choking.
tongue_vertical_choke_height40unitsNeed to have victim this high off ground to choke him.
tongue_vertical_choke_time_off_ground0.5secondsNeed to have victim off ground for this long to choke him.
tongue_victim_acceleration30Acceleration while tongued.
tongue_victim_accuracy_penalty0.133How much someone's accuracy suffers while being dragged by a tongue.
tongue_victim_max_speed175units per secondThe fastest the tongue can get you going.
tongue_vs_cone_start_tolerance0.015How wide the cone is for a tongue hit in versus.
z_witch_tongue_range100unitsIf a tongue passes this close to a witch's head, she will snap it

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