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An example of a low-poly sphere.
Same model, utilizing $subd and mat_tessellationlevel 16.
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The QC command $subd is used to mark a model to be tessellated in run-time. This can be used to make models appear smoother than they actually are.

It also is needed to make $displacementmap work.

Tip.png Tip: The smoothness can be adjusted using the console variable mat_tessellationlevel <1-16>, with higher values rendering more polygons.
Confirm:Works in games other than Alien Swarm and Source Filmmaker?
Warning.png Warning: Studiomdl will crash if any triangles are present in the model. $subd only works with quads and n-gons with more than 3 edges. This effectively makes the SMD format unusable, meaning you have to use the DMX format, as SMD only supports triangles. The SMD format can still be used for animations, though.



Note that $subd must be placed before your model line.


$modelname		"example/subdivision.mdl"
$cdmaterials		"example/subdivision"
$body		test	"subdivison.dmx"
$sequence	idle	"subdivision_idle.smd"