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Example of rim lighting in use on the TF2 Heavy.

The $rimlight material parameter, introduced in the Orange Box, adds a rim light to the model that appears to come indirectly from the environment. The color of the rim light is directly influenced by ambient light.

Note:Requires $phong to be set to 1. Phong shading is only available with VertexLitGeneric.
To do: Explain similarities and differences of Phong Fresnel ranges.

VMT syntax

$rimlight <bool>
	$phong			1

	$bumpmap		<texture>
	$phongexponent		5		
	$phongexponenttexture	<texture>	
	$phongboost		1.0
	$phongfresnelranges	"[0 0.5 1]"

	$rimlight               1
	$rimlightexponent       2
	$rimlightboost          .2			

Additional parameters

$rimlightexponent <int>
Exponent for phong component of rim lighting. The rim exponent defines the "tightness" of the highlight. A higher exponent results in a smaller, tighter highlight while a lower exponent results in a broader flatter one.
$rimlightboost <int>
Boost for ambient cube component of rim lighting.
$rimmask <boolean>
Uses the alpha channel of the $phongexponenttexture to mask rimlighting.

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