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Creates a hit box around a bone. These hitboxes are used by the AI for simple collisions, such as bullets.

Running studiomdl with the -h option will print out all of the autogenerated hitboxes.

If any hitboxes are defined this way, autohitbox generation is disabled.

Hitbox Groups

When a hitbox is added to a bone, it has an additional group parameter before the name of the bone which can change how the hit is calculated for damage. Many NPC as well as certain vehicles follow a scheme for each hitbox.

  • $hbox 0 - Generic - the default group of hitboxes, appears White in HLMV
  • $hbox 1 - Head - Used for human NPC heads and to define where the player sits on the vehicle.mdl, appears Red in HLMV
  • $hbox 2 - Chest - Used for human NPC midsection and chest, appears Green in HLMV
  • $hbox 3 - Stomach - Used for human NPC stomach and pelvis, appears Yellow in HLMV
  • $hbox 4 - Left Arm - Used for human Left Arm, appears Deep Blue in HLMV
  • $hbox 5 - Right Arm - Used for human Right Arm, appears Bright Violet in HLMV
  • $hbox 6 - Left Leg - Used for human Left Leg, appears Bright Cyan in HLMV
  • $hbox 7 - Right Leg - Used for human Right Leg, appears White like the default group in HLMV
  • $hbox 8 - Neck - Used for human neck (to fix penetration to head from behind), appears Orange in HLMV  (in all games since <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive>)


$hbox (group number) (bone name) (min x) (min y) (min z) (max x) (max y) (max z)

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