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(only in Source)

For GoldSrc GoldSrc, see $cdtexture.

It defines the folders in which the game will search for the model's materials (subfolders are not searched). Each path is relative to <game>\materials\.

It is traditional to specify the \models subfolder before any others, to prevent the materials from appearing in Hammer.

Tip.pngTip:Material filenames are defined by the reference mesh ($body or $model).
Tip.pngTip:By default, models can have no more than 32 different material search paths.


$cdmaterials <path> <path 2> [...]


$modelname		"weapons\shell.mdl"
$cdmaterials		"models\weapons\"
$body		shell	"shell_ref.smd"
$sequence	idle	"shell_idle.smd"