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If the reference model contains the model origin which other bits of model geometry and worldposition key to; specifying multiple reference SMDs would cause problems no? Surely there can on be one $body per QC, but the recent edits seem to imply there can be more than one ?

  • Reference meshes co-exist by default, rather than replacing each other.
  • <name> A label for this $body to distinguish it from other reference meshes (if there are any).

--Beeswax 14:50, 28 Apr 2008 (PDT)

From thewavelength HL2 docs:

$body <smd name> [reverse]

This is the reference .smd file for the model; the basic model with a skin.

It can include the reverse command, which flips all of the face's normals around. Reverse is used -only- in case problems occur exporting and normals are reversed by 3D Studio Max.

example: $body studio "monster" reverse

--Beeswax 09:19, 29 Apr 2008 (PDT)