White Forest

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White Forest is a rebel headquarters in the outskirts of City 17. It is also a new location in Half-Life 2: Episode Two.


The base is a huge rebel compound overlooking a small river. The base itself also includes two missile silos. While players will often find themselves in narrow corridors, the base is pretty much straightforward.


The base is built in an uneven area, between valleys, making it hard to quickly access. It is also surrounded by smaller rebel buildings, such as a sawmill and a miniature crane (which, judging by it's looks, is only there for decorative or referential reasons). On the other side of the base is a valley with a shallow river, and is one of the entry points to the base.


The base is the current residence of Dr. Kleiner, Eli Vance and a new character, Dr. Magnusson. It is also discovered that Judith Mossman also worked here before her disappearance. The base is subject to multiple attacks. First, Combine Soldiers and Hunters attempt to sabotage the rocket launch by invading the secondary silo, and later Striders accompanied by Hunters try to destroy the rocket silo from the outside. The player must destroy the Striders using a new weapon introduced in Episode Two called the Magnusson Device.