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wheel_of_doom is a point entity available in Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2.

Super Speed

The wheel of doom entity for Halloween mode.

Random effects

The WOD will pick a random card when the koth point changes owner. Each card has an effect. Known effects include:

  • Everyone gets übercharged
  • Everyone gets critical hits
  • Everyone gets super speed
  • Everyone moonjumps (low gravity)
  • Everyone highjumps (normal gravity but higher jump velocity and no fall damage)
  • Everyone gets super small heads
  • Everyone gets super big heads
  • Everyone is lit on fire

The following effects requires special setup outside of the wheel_of_doom entity.

  • Thriller taunt; Requires 32 info_target entities named along the pattern dance_teleport_[team][number up to 15 starting with 0].
  • Jarate is dropped from the sky; requires a func_brush above the map named spawn_cloud.
  • Ghosts appear; requires allowHaunting to be enabled in a tf_logic_holiday entity.


has_spiral <boolean>
Show the spiral effect?
effect_duration <float>
How long effects should last before they are automatically removed.


Spin the wheel.
Remove all active effects.


Effect just applied.
Effect just expired.